How to build a solid wood cube?

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How to build a solid wood cube ?
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Wooden blocks have been around forever, how to be the most basic of all designs. The cube has been used for toys, furniture and simple paperweight. A simple cube may seem easy to do and that is, it just depends on how perfect it should be and what they will use it. Simple and laminated To make a solid cube in the most simple, buy a pine board 4 by 4 by 48 inches. Set a stop at a saw to 3 1/2 inch cubes and slice. Note that a 4 by 4 not usually 4 inches wide, so that the blocks are approximately 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Another simple way to do is to laminate blocks (clump together and stick) four pieces of pine or poplar boards that are 1 to 4 1/2 by 48 inches. When the laminated board is dry, cut to 4 inches square on a table saw, then set a limit of 4 inches on the miter saw and cut the blocks. Plywood wrapped Start by buying a board of 4 by 4 by 48 inches in any wood species. Reduced to just 3 1/2 inch table saw, then cut a 1/2-inch cube of 3 1/2-by-3 in the mountains. Now cut six pieces of 3/4-inch plywood 5 by 5 inches. Set the table saw in a miter of 45 degrees and connects all edges of the six pieces. 3 1/2-inch hub fits exactly in the center of the pieces of 5 inches with the mitered edge emerging uniformly all around. Start by hitting a 5-for-5 at a time, the center of it, let the glue set for about a minute, then place another piece of 5 by 5 opposite to the piece on the other side of the cube and how it work around the block that way, using tape to hold the pieces together. As the glue begins to install, can be slid around the pieces, adjusting the mitered corners together. Is about 10 minutes to do this before the glue sets too to move. After one hour, removing the tape and the sand of the hub by hand. Large cubes To make large cubes, large enough to sit at a table outside or do you need to use a chain saw. Logs (rounds) usually for firewood already cut about 18 inches. You can buy them anywhere wood is sold. Measure the length of the round, then measure at the top of the round. Using a square, the square and draw outside the lines at the top of the round. Cut straight sides of the round. It will not be perfect, but once cut, can be cut until it is close enough.
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