Will the Taiwan version and European version of the phone which is the difference?

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Europe after the Chinese version of the brush speed affected?
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What is a "parallel" media? Parallel imports is not a fake. Many users do not know what is the parallel (European version of the original) phone, according to the definition by default, the parallel phone is foreign, Hong Kong, Macao Customs area without the normal channels to enter continental market mobile phones. There is also a name for parallel imports, the European version of the original, called parallel imports (European version of the original) of the phone is actually supposed to be sold to other countries or regions of the machines in the evasion of tariffs to enter the domestic market for sales of mobile phones. In short, the phone is not parallel through normal channels and pay customs target mobile phone. Therefore, the quality of parallel imports and mobile licenses are the same, no difference between the hardware, the original manufacturers only sell genuine original region and the software is different, and some models sold in the country due to the different quality, or even better than the national license, in addition to the enormous difference between the sale price, many people prefer parallel (original European version) phone. Phone parallel flow in the market can be divided into four categories: the first is the line B (parallel to the mainstream), this mainstream machine is smuggled along the coast. B-telephone line between quality and quality of the license as a telecommunications network is also recorded, but no customer service in the official registration information, manufacturers often provide a small amount of internal flow out. Compared to the positive line, the difference is service. B-phone line where you buy the warranty, just to the point of sale for repair. The second category is that of Hong Kong Bank, the name suggests is the mainstream mobile phones in Hong Kong, for some reason, a lot of mobile phones in Hong Kong is cheaper than the mainland, there are unscrupulous speculators Seeing this, some through special channels to bring China into the sales of mobile phone in Hong Kong, however, no guarantee on the mainland, Hong Kong, the Bank is classified as a kind of parallel imports. The third category is the revised English machine, which is the real parallel machine (water change), as a machine was originally sold in Europe and other countries, smuggling on the continent, by updating the phone software, by This supports Simplified Chinese, because the rate makes the revision of prices of mobile phones are often much lower than telephone line. The fourth category is refurbished machines. Tax evasion phone is being followed, the key does not guarantee the quality, the biggest buyers of mass destruction. The first line in the mainland B small number are in circulation, so that the parallel import goods industry is divided into A, B and C shares three levels of load. A shipment was smuggled by the mainstream of Hong Kong, there is no warranty and after sales service, B is selling products to Europe via cell phone smuggled into the domestic sales of the "parallel", and C mobile file is often said that "refurbished machine" and "assembly machine." Note: B is not B-line of goods, not to be confused. A charge (usually known as Hongkong Bank) and B values ​​(usually the European version) difference between the small keyboard, the keyboard on the European version of the machine does not print Chinese strokes, the strokes are added later to go, but the cell phone is almost national force parallel to form an industry chain based on the original keystrokes plus the technology is well established, there is almost no difference. As for the European version of the software of the machine, the business spared no expense for inventory behind the scenes through a variety of sources of the mobile phone version of Chinese Character Samsung Asia-Pacific, and the organization of analysis software cracking group, and then write your parallel; crack team developed later, to accumulate experience and software technology, has developed a number of different versions, and related development tools has become more mature, so some are not yet in the models in the domestic market, parallel imports may be a step ahead of landfall, since the initial release of a lot of mistakes, to the present perfect parallelism with the launch of the new machine to upgrade constantly, gradually became a practicing license to compete with a force today. In other words, sales to mainland consumers have been ahead of the mainstream with the mainland China version of it, and not use any localization issues. Now many mobile phone shops are parallel to one year or six months warranty. No money to add only ensure that phone shop, do not buy that, Kengren of. How to identify: first test, if the Ministry of Information Industry marked, "Network license permit" signs, confirm the agreement with the supplier of the warranty with the manufacturer's warranty rules, consult the battery: configuration number of the phone's battery in parallel are fake batteries, consumers can buy the mobile phone battery in accordance with the test methods mentioned above for verification at the hands of the battery is false. Last check the electronic serial number are the same: Each phone has a unique electronic serial number, mobile number electronics factory standard introduced in the database when data is required to withdraw assurance, determine if sold in the Chinese market, find some kind of phone is not in the Chinese market is no guarantee, so the phone side event of failure, repairs and complaints are very difficult. The purchase of mobile phone users can also see the code of your mobile phone IMEI, check the IMEI code as follows: phone press * # 06 #, usually on the phone screen of 15 digits, and this is the phone's IMEI code. Then open the battery cover of the phone has a sticker on the phone, this also has an IMEI code, the code should appear on the same phone IMEI code exactly the same. And then check the package label of the phone box, this also must have an IMEI code, the code should appear on the same phone IMEI code exactly the same. If these three codes of inconsistencies, this phone is a problem.
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