Production site management recommendations

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Production of the recommendations of the site administration
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Production center management recommendations Introduction: the place of production is the main company of the places to make a profit in the production process through the production process optimization and other management and continuous improvement and a more rational use of inputs (people, machines, materials, methods, rings, etc), minimize waste, reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve business competitiveness in the market and capacity response of the market. Production Status field staff: the garment industry is the personal work production plant in the workplace, most workstations are manual Kao, but people have emotionally, because of the environment, the state of mind, time may vary variation. After investigation, the process of the current production plant employees and that instability in the workstation (holidays, absenteeism, self away, the skill is not enough problems, quality, etc.), resulting in a process larger loss, together with the workshop staff of the workshop is unreasonable, and sometimes management is beyond their reach. For example: 1) The head of the (process control): a head of the license: no one can be deployed agents had seized the group, the group took control of the production process but also is responsible for establishing quality The result is the production, efficiency, quality in a straight line can not be guaranteed. b the head of the left: there is no reservation for the workshop, administrators had to implement the technology in the shop is good, served as a good idea. Head of corporate governance are not only the direct executors of the policy, or employee who wishes to report. If you do not have a training process, the company can be sure that a production line to allow responsible? 2) Review Group (product testing): quality assurance, the first obstacle, the quality of the company can be recognized by customers, the group is a vital part inspection, the existing sewing group review of each production line, no examination of prosecution or a standby group, once someone or license, either by the agency head, or let the products stored in the set, resulting in problems management of many, the process is not stable and so on. 3) The operator: the cultural quality of workers in existing production lines to improve, and some even simple addition and subtraction problems and often communicate in Mandarin, the company filed for joint development of new management processes and systems will be more difficult. b production line if the staff of the licensing process / absenteeism / license or bottleneck be addressed immediately by surprise, because usually the lack of general training, production, efficiency will be a drop in a straight line. Site Production Staff Recommendations: subject ---- head tables: 1) the role: in a timely manner or licensing agency personnel database management, b assist in the production, the low efficiency of the line production, c help solve temporary problems Workshop Director; d replace incompetent studio head of the line (line managers have a certain feeling of pressure.) 2) Configuration:. workshop recommended configuration for every 2 or 3 main boxes reserves (specific can be discussed and determined) 3) conditions: a high school or the quality, b has a certain experience or experience in the apparel field operations c has a tough job / ability to work under pressure / has some value and plasticity. 4) Select: a foreign recruits b internal review to improve (where employees feel that their efforts will always a fair chance of promotion); C through uniform training in the place of production. 5) Income: head of production lines for the * average salary of the corresponding coefficients (in particular, can be discussed and decided 6)) arrangements:. Direct management of the workshop director. 7) Training: sewn practical experience in the seminar organized by the director of training or load as large as the closure of b production process by the Director of the arrangements for the workshop, after cutting drive learning c line arrangements for production line management by the Director of hands-on workshop to learn (rotation groups in the circumstances), the quality seal d by the type of craft in the workshop or on site guidance when it comes to practical problems, and on-site department management theory for the formation of the company. 8) Contract: contract signing relevant work. 9) effect: through continuous cycle, the quality of base-level managers will gradually increase. Reserve took group pictures ----: Training can refer to team leader. More training for work (general): 1) Target: One line in the paragraph / break when the head of the regulator as soon as possible so that the water within the normal b bottleneck in the process of production at the time that the head of the regulator, the C license to someone, absenteeism when the head of the line in time to ensure the normal functioning of the regulation, special problems in time d. 2) conditions: an attitude of good work (with a good attitude of cooperation, team spirit, subject to agreements); b quick movement, the concept of good quality; c has the potential for personal development (reserve tables train as the object). 3) Other (IE department and plant managers of the group is well sewing workshops program as specified in Annex). Group training (training base operator of the store): 1) Objective: timely delivery to the operator for the production line, b of the powers of the existing production lines with poor orientation of operator training. 2) conditions: a high school and cultural quality, b have some experience on the basis of clothing or of operation, c with a willingness to work hard and have a certain plasticity. 3) Related: a production line two weeks in advance to prepare the necessary training for the group and types of personnel training b groups according to the production line requires specific training, the C line of production and groups training in any follow-up to the new dynamic employees, reduce turnover of new employees. 4) Other (in agreement with the existing training group). Culture: 1) Factory Service: a first step to consider the group's leader captured, director of the workshop, machine repair and other services that use colors to distinguish between plant and visual management easy, step b second to consider operator of a regular factory service, c III to review the management of production services from factories; d dress uniform, you can improve team awareness and team spirit, color and style after selecting a group of students in the production of training. 2) promote the corporate culture of the columns / employee voice of the columns / streamlining proposals, etc. and 3) birthday (VOD) or married congratulations and sick visits, etc. (increase their sense of belonging), 4) Entertainment (Studio / Business Monthly / style competition / basketball court lights and supermarket company / Phone Supermarket / Weekend TV, etc), 5) evaluation activities (personal good / excellent computer / Leader Excellent / Elite Quality Review Group / room / group of staff turnover / absenteeism, etc).
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