How to understand the advertising agency positions?

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How to understand the positions of the advertising agency ?
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The person account - Account Executive, Account Manager, Account Supervisor, Customer Services Manager, Research Director / Team - either direct aid or receives the customer order. The account team to develop strategies relating to the client's objectives and work to develop creative briefs for the creative team. One of the key roles in any agency is an entry position - Traffic Coordinator. This person is the traffic director for the agency. They determine the availability of agency resources available and to define the tasks that apply to the timelines required to meet deadlines. The coordinator (s) client to set up meetings, meetings between offices and the like. Will apprise the media departments of the needs required by the account team, ie a media plan or budget requirement to reach a specific audience. The creative department - Creative Director, Art Director, Art Director Jr., editor, illustrator, photographer and many more - are inspired by the meetings brief creative brainstorming and later. In a specific project is carried through in stages - the review of each step with the customer to ensure customer buy-in/understanding and the consequent costs. The production department is in charge of that - Production Manager, Print Production Specialist, producer of Radio and more - to take all the art and production in the brochures, television commercials, radio spots, panel buses, web banners, billboards and more. Do not forget the finance department - these people to ensure the viability of the agency and help maintain strong relationships with their customers. This is a position that can be overlooked, it is often and usually the reason for any body fail. Do not forget that person. This is a short version, but surely you can see the great variety of titles and duties. I hope this helps and trus.
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