How can Alibaba help with bad transactions? Been scammed!

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I bought the retail products of Lier Trading Company (aka: They sent some shirts from Ralph Lauren and assumes that countries have a name on the back. Instead, it has the phrase "YOUR NAME" embroidered on the back. I had to return money to customers because of this. The company is also holding $ 157.00 of my money hostage. They keep saying they will return to my paypal account and then say they will give me credit on my next purchase. 2 of the 3 orders have been royally screwed. They sent replacement items as well, although not apply and which do not email you to let you know an item you ordered is not in stock, just keep sending items not ordered. I keep getting a promise after another of this enterprise, but simply do not offer. I'll end up having to file a claim through PayPal against this company in the end. I have since found a much better company to deal with. Ridance good Trading Company AKA Lier. Instead of being called Tading Lier, who must have the name of liar Trading Company. PS I just got this email from the company. hello, friend, Order No. 32 has been sent yesterday, for our various RL Polo shirts in the back is definitely not "your name", but sell styles of all time, thanks best regards felix - No address the issue of the shirts that say the wrong phrase, only selling the shirts all the time. The shirts say Russia in place, but when you receive say "YOUR NAME" in huge letters embroidered. Every order I received from this company has been messy. Not a single order has been correct. They can be a gold member here on Alibaba, but are far from providing a service of gold. Now I are sending an email regarding the issue and Trading Company Lier unresponsive. Now I can not even get an answer to get a tracking number for the last last order small $ 625.36 dollars in RL 05/26/2011 shirts. PayPal Dispute!
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expert recommended < / span > Do not blame Alibaba, Alibaba received many complaints every day. In fact , looking for an agent in China to solve a problem it is best to discuss with your provider via telephone or email. With its permist going to get involved in your problem and try to resolve it.
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