MOTO L7 game installation problems

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Preparation: l7 cell phone a computer, a data line to download the game : 1. Download the game must be a JAR format ( Note : Some games download are compressed form, the need to decompress , and some do not remove , remember ) 2. Set the phone on the "Connect " USB memory card Settings ". 3. With a data cable to connect telephones and computers. 4. Cut or copy the game files for the mobile phone " Kjava years. 5 . Unplug your phone and computer connections . 6 . Enter mobile games and applications, "Memory Card " to install new applications. See you next game, the right ( Note : If you do not find the game, could be the next party is not in the JAR format , or extract is not) and then click play "installation . All OK 7 . Remember Remember , we need answers ! I wish you all happy gaming ! I left the game in the tarball and extract and copy to my L7, go to games and applications , can not find the time to install the game, I've done a lot of games are the same , I saw the pressure of the solution after the JAR file format , no one , I hope that helps! ~ ~
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By downloading the game files compressed, then, depends on the suffix , JAR and JAD is compressed, unpack the machine , of course you can not recognize these two . I remember that the machine only recognizes MOTO JAR and JAD JAVA programs exist at the same time , indispensable.
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