Home decoration with color

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To get married , buy second hand property before, the interior decoration quite new, so now is the transformation of a simple look , but the color above is really a headache , do not know how to dress , please help help me out of ideas now! Now living room style : Sanshiliangting the size structure , the floor is walnut in color, including television cabinets , tables , doors, furniture, library, bedroom cabinets are the same color as the living room : TV backdrop background is blue, grass green carpet to buy , coffee table style because I like simple wooden table in the first purchase, but also a walnut color, and do not know what color the couch with a good one? What color of the curtains of the room? Bedroom : bed, nightstand , wardrobe purchased a white maple , light green soft packet header selected, then what color curtains to buy? Carpet him? ( Locker room is a good time to play, embedded in the side wall, the sliding door is also a walnut color ) other , study, second bedroom does not want to change the
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First of all terms of your home a bold color , living room with blue, grass green, walnut , are some of the cool colors , the choice of sofa that could be considered to cross the red baseline color television on the wall and carpet grass Ying , the choice of curtains , I intend to contrast with the white , the previous case with a flower can be, take the case of the option to have the room similar to that of color. Bedroom bed and that the use of light green, with its complementary color to violet to each other should be on it , choosing the carpet , we can and in the color of walnut cabinet with light brown to integration.
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