Maintenance of flotation machine?

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Maintaining flotation
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Glossary XJM flotation, serial XJX flotation machine is a mechanical stirring self-absorption of the flotation machine, mainly used for the classification of 0.5 mm below the mud, also the separation of iron ore, phosphorus acid , lead and zinc ores effective team. Double helical impeller deviation by mixing the suspension of three dimensional movement, mountain through the center of the feed tube project suspension, aerosol dosing methods, and the negative pressure produced by a rotating impeller Zhengzhou Huachang mechanical flotation machine auto- priming of gas and mist pharmaceutical contact of the bubble and the carbon particles, with automatic control device liquid level, with automatic control system monitors the concentration, the amount of dry coal, the quantity and administration level. Flotation characteristics of the machine: 1. The flotation machine series with mechanical stirring, feed slurry new and unique way, the flow of suspension is reasonable ability, large; 2. High performance inflatable, adjustable speed range of the flotation. Activated, the feed rate can be adjusted. 3. Stirring institutions with a curved blade of the turbine and the stability of the plate radial flow, the movement of coal slurry and moderate inflation, 4. For coal, grain size, different concentrations of optimizing the design parameters of the fluid dynamics, the high density and coarse coal, fine-grained, but also to achieve a good separation efficiency. 5. Compact, lightweight, reliable operation. Flotation velocity, high selectivity of fine grade thick flotation effect. 6. Low power consumption and drug use, the installed capacity and actual energy consumption is less than the same type of flotation machine specifications. 7. Structural parameters are reasonable footprint small, taking into account compatibility with old equipment. 8. Operation, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance point of the slurry level single control, you can adjust automatically but also manually. 9. And the stator impeller wear resistant materials, the shelf life of 3 to 5 years. The parameters of the flotation machine technical: technical features and models XJM-SXJM-SXJM-SXJM-SXJX-T-8AXJX T8XJX T12-0.6-1.00.6-1.00.6-1.00.6-1.00.7-1.20 treatment. 8 to 1.20. 8-1.2 motor from a single institution volume mixing model 180L-200L 4812168.28.512 And 6Y 6Y-2200-250M-225M-225M 6Y 6Y 6V6Y280S-8V1-6V6Y kw15223037303037 speed power scraper models XWD1.5 970970980980970970970-Buck- 4XWD1.5 4XWD1. 5-4XWD2.2-5JXJ311-43XWD2. 2-5-1 / 43JXJ311-43 speed power kw1. 2525252533.333.333.3 678582009494.510970.51216914744/1556014258 slot Dimensions L mm3 / 150 784 86901055512254514175.55 slot slot slot 105951291015014.517380.56 125,001,526,517,774.5 / W mm2150275031203450350035003840 the total weight of the high mm275829583458.53433295028443500 KG3 968415100228632734425.0324.57/25.9637.5/394 slot slot slot 174462907239867 148542441533805405646 122741975828334339665 tank / use of the flotation machine and maintenance of: 1, the buoyancy of the machine to work and work the same period and other machines is determined by the maintenance and to maintain the normal operation of the main parties, all parties to work 3-4 months to conduct a detailed review of the new IPO in the first months of work should always check, 2, only skilled workers can be checked. 3, for the timely replacement of wearing parts to reduce downtime, you must book in the store are often full of wear parts. Determined in accordance with the specific date and use of reserve supplies. 4, must ensure that operators of a floating some guidance or technical training, and strive thoroughly familiar with your machine. 5, in order to prevent dirt and unwanted things mixed with oil, grease filter should be there, when work of the flotation machine, the oil cap must be sealed. 6 unit, inspected, and started before the process of high and low. 7, the driving sequence is: Press the door switch, press the start button. 8, after driving, and other hands touch the rotating part is strictly prohibited.
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