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How do I find ralph polo big pony?1woodpecker2012-03-28 18:03:44
Hi Iam looking for a manufacturing company that has the orginial Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Big Pony. Looking these shirts without the number on the sleeve. Plus it has all orginial tags . Thanks Mark!
Discount Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts3 m1ng-3. -2012-02-25 06:07:36
Polo Ralph Lauren have often been well known that ships sometimes got in the informal two , for example, really a lot more formal , such as business meetings and specialized. remington blog < / strong > < / a> this really is kind to consumers, indeed , many of the option simply by using the prestige and significant interpersonal value easy access to well-known horse emblem . Once we meet someone the first time putting on a shirt from Ralph Lauren Polo quickly perceived as receiving the finding of jobs and production along with higher levels of achievement, while inside the culture. However, a large supply of us have often struggled , probably from store to store , to build lower-cost profitable Ralph Lauren polo . It includes shirts while the way in which shrink suit but if you start to determine substantial small loads .
How do I find polo boots for men?1Basilia2012-06-29 23:08:02
I am looking for men polo boots. please let me know who you can contact
How to find BINTERGROUP, T-SHIRT, CAMISETA, POLO1Zenobia2012-01-26 19:15:16
We are Manufacturer of T -shirt, Polo T -Shirt Man and Woman, Poles of advertising , promotion and Jerseys . You Can Visit Our Products and see the model you are interested more. We design and produce the models you interested in this , with their brands, colors, sizes and designs . email: [email protected]
How do I find high grade womens polo shirts?1when it rains2012-10-10 09:27:02
i need a company to make very high quality customized polo shirts for women with my logo. Will be coming to China, Shanghai this month and i need help with this as soon as possible
Ralph & Chapin1Marie202012-09-08 19:32:03
Hello Sumitha, You say that Ralph & Chapin Helped you for canada work permit. O.k. So please provide me you email id, phone no. or contact detaisl ,.. I want to talk with you.. I also have got job offer letter from the same company. BUt i have doubt.....
What is a pony bead?1i luv mel 2012-03-26 22:22:04
What is an account of a horse ?
Which company invented My Little Pony?1Jeffre2012-04-14 19:24:47
What company invented My Little Pony?
I think my friend stole my pony doll?0Rubell2012-07-22 09:10:02
So the other day me and my friend were at Walmart. We're both big fans of the show My Little Pony television. We saw a large tray full of MLP and dolls collectible card while there. We both wanted something, but were too afraid of being judged buy anything. (We are two guys 18 years old) The next day we returned to the store and both were tempted when we saw it again. My friend walked slowly to the trash and began to sift through the variety of toys and cards. "Dude ..." I said. "This is shameful." Suddenly, a big smile spread across his face. "Yolo." He said. (For those of you who do not know, Yolo means "You Only Live Once ') So I took a lot of them and ran to the cash register. I did the same. We were both laughing like schoolgirls small. The cashier looked at us weird, but we did not care at that time. When we got back home from my friend, each of us opened the packages of toys. I have the spark of Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and (my personal favorite), Applejack. My friend was looking at my toys with a jealous eye, because he has a lot of horses that nobody cares. He offered to negotiate for my horses, but I refused. "Sorry buddy." I said. "I stay with them." He said it was fine, but I realized I was sad. So I said, "Dude, are just dolls. Does not really matter much." He nodded in understanding and said, "Well, I guess you're right." After he left home, I realized that my wrist Applejack missing. I worry that my friend stole it, but do not know how to approach him about it. If he did not steal it will be like, "How can you accuse me of stealing, I am your friend!" and if he did steal, is likely to harm our friendship a little. I really, really want my wrist Applejack again though. I feel ashamed for caring about it much, but Applejack is my favorite character, and I really wanted. What do you think I should do?
I sold my pony two months ago now they want to send her back?!!?1Mcferlan2012-11-05 22:22:01
Hi this is a long long one but any help be super please!!!! I sold my lovely little pony two months ago to a family as a family, childs pony, I bought her as I felt so sorry for her (very poor condition) and decided to sell her as I grew over the six months (wider not taller sadly) and got to heavy to ride her ;( she was such a joy to own, was great hacking alone and in company. would pop a small jump, and loved the fuss stand hours to be groomed, my nephews would ride her on lead rein she be like a donkey!! so when the mother/daughter wanted her to hack out on and lead rein for six year old it sounded perfect they were fully aware she was a bit green but only wanted to do the above so was not worried, and that she was a rescue case when i bought her I offered several viewings but the women fell in love with her and bought her.. the new owner wanted keep her on her own, I advised that I had never kept her alone before but she never worried about being in the field, or stable on her own so I honestly did not know how she be if kept 24/7 the lady explained that she would always move her to a livery yard is she was un happy. when I first bought her she was funny about picking her back feet out but was fine once I done it a few times and the lady even picked all four out when she viewed my pony with no problems and I explained this to her at time of purchase well they bought her two months ago now, I have kept in regular contact with the new owner, as she could not pick her feet out at all once i had got her there. she also had trouble putting a bridle on, she then mailed me to say my pony was settling she had managed to pick out one foot and had tacked up no issues and been on a lovely ride. then mailed to say she had a few ups and downs as she had bucked the daughter off riding her in from the field, I was mortified but she mailed me to say she did not think I had mis lead her or been dishonest about my pony, and that she knew she was green but knew the gamble involved. just needed less feedings settling in time and patience I mailed back saying she never been like this and maybe was missing the equine stimulation of other company etc anything i could do to help i would She is now asking for a full refund and for me to have my pony back, which is not a option as I have now bought something else, she has said my pony is dangerous and that people have advised she is barely broken??? and also that she has been rearing whilst being lead on to the field??!!! and amongst other things her pelvis was out from a long injury and also she had lice?? apparently all from when I owned her?? and the farrier struggled to do her shoes .i think horse had lice for two months she be red raw?? and if she done her pelvis with me why did she not show any signs and the physio can be that specific form one visit, how?? horses can do this rolling in the stable!! my farrier never had any problems, and he is happy to say this none of the other horses have lice from our yard, and my pony never ever behaved this way whilst i owned her, it upsets me that for what ever reason my lovely girl is not happy. I think that my pony is un happy being kept alone, she has no other animals, no sheep pig,goat or cow , and has several paddocks but none big enough to run around and they have only ridden her once for 45 mins the other time she sat her six year old coming in from the field which is the time she bucked her off, which to be honest I think no wonder she is bored stiff the lady has been saying she has been to trading standards and she has rights, as I have sold something that is not as advertised. my pony was and had been exactly as advertised when she left my yard, and the problems they have experienced as I have explained have gotten worse over time, I think its down to her getting more lonely as time goes on and no stimulation not even being ridden that often. she never was a pony that needed riding everyday I work full time so only did about three/four times a week, but she had lots friends turned out summer kept in bad weather. any advice help would be amazing as I want my girl to be happy but they i just cant have her back now i have something else.. please help
Marco Polo toilet1N-VAR 2012-02-02 05:41:21
Who knows I am a true or false report of First Instance on that site that is what the manufacturers
Frye trade clothing - specializing in AF / Ralph Lauren and other trade dress production / wholesale1? hate you love me 〆2012-05-10 22:15:42
Frye garment - which specializes in AF / Ralph Lauren and other image producing commercial / wholesale

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