How with the need to fashion? Also was thin ah?

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I have a black jacket , blue shirt , orange jacket and yellow sweater , a red stripe and a gray sweater , striped box green and white jersey and black pants, dark jeans and black shoes Kogan, red shoes, brown shoes , a neat little , ah , ah, what big brothers and big sister to match the clothes ,ah , I'm 1 meter 68 tall and 70 kg of weight, fat and how the need for fashion? He was also thin ah ?
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Personally, I think you can mix series of warm clothing, as you and some feathers sweater orange and yellow and brown shoes , the best example of the pants are warm brown, but do not know the color of the face, if the color of spring and fall on his face , then wear warm, but if it's winter , wear a face, then cool on a series, such as purple , brown or dark red , dark blue , some people may say that the black dress was thin , in fact , it is easy to see black thick. You think so? Because your body is high , I think that we should not fat , provided they are not the styles of clothing, the color is good, of course, I do not know what that piece down a paragraph long and short of it? You can refer to the following points of view of our friends around the ah.
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