Random Thoughts selected from a Nokia 5200 and 5300, higher price which you think ah? related questions

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Random Thoughts selected from a Nokia 5200 and 5300, higher price which you think ah?1Horac2012-03-28 02:45:08
Point of view Zhongguancun online in the post, 5,200 people may be less pronounced say bad things about Tingduo 5300. In the end I do not know how to choose ?
Will the Nokia 5300 or 5200 to support xrsoe it? If you do not have any better recommendations? About 2000, Nokia's not stupid0kk2012-11-06 04:00:02
Thank you friends
Nokia 5200 will be reduced to what the bottom price?0taylorr;2012-09-06 22:04:01
Nokia Nokia I love I love I love I love Nokia Nokia
Score reward 6111.5200.5300.1 Ya Love Tang screen name -2012-02-26 22:40:23
Does the NOKIA ! ! highest score of the reward 6111.5200.5300 . Comparison of a mobile phone that is good! You're a big pig ~ ~ ~ I'm going crazy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ah Guiqiu
5300 & Now want to buy Nokia Nokia Nokia -3250 & -62881Anse2011-12-20 07:13:02
Undecided ? Please compare the advantages and disadvantages of each? Reasons to buy ?
What are the disadvantages NOKIA 52002Evil Philanthropist 2012-11-03 10:26:03
What are the disadvantages NOKIA 5200
Who knows Nokia 5200 movie converter?1Alayasia2012-09-16 03:15:05
Nokia 5200 film who knows what movie format converter should be more appropriate?
Random Thoughts in November this year, buy a 3230, I do not know how is it like? Would like to invite you to even suggest any?0noorie2012-10-04 05:00:56
Thank you all !
Nokia 5300 today just bought a good, ask for advice Bluetooth problem Thank you ~0Narva2012-10-22 09:48:24
Today I just bought a nice 5300. You can see the official said stereo Bluetooth , you can use Bluetooth to stream MP3 music phone ? No one can fail to notice how I fixed ah ~ ~ ~ I know my friends can point me hehe ~
Nokia 5300 memory card problem, the trouble that the next friend to answer thank you!1Susanna2012-05-23 23:04:12
5300 not only supports TF card ? The current maximum capacity of only 1G TF card , ah, the official said could be the Nokia 5300 supports up to 2GB of external memory. Does the 5300 can support MINI SD card ? Some people say the Internet can support MINI SD card , also said to support TF card , in the end what the card can endure huh?
Nokia 5200 and Sony Ericsson W810 which is good1 ↘ 〆 altogether ru Bldg relic2012-05-01 03:26:08
Nokia 5200 and Sony Ericsson W810 is good
The higher car insurance premiums, the higher the price it?1Buc2012-05-28 19:50:37
I think the premium for each vehicle is not the same car that the higher the premium, the higher the price of it?

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