What is electronic communication technology?

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What is the technology of electronic communication ?
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Electronic communication technology refers to technology devices such as computers and cell phones, which are used to facilitate communication. Electronic communication technology has changed the way we communicate personally and professionally. meaning Electronic communication technology has reduced the limits of time and distance is traditionally placed in business communication. Computers enhance their ability to do business in their own time, while technology such as videoconferencing , allows you to take part in a meeting, even if you're far away from the office. type The most common types of electronic communication used in the workplace include email and voicemail. Online forums and social networking sites are also used by companies to communicate. benefits The number of methods available electronic communication helps foster business communication by creating greater access to colleagues. The technology also increases the flow of information , so that companies can make more informed decisions . impact Electronic communication technology creates new problems of accountability for companies. For example , private information may be disclosed outside the company easier when using electronic communication. considerations Organizations should not use communication technology to replace personal communication. For example , telephone calls should be used for meetings rather than replace face - to-face .
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