I cheated in online wholesale children's clothing. Now she has become an empty phone number, cell phone off, how to get back my money? Thank you!

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I cheated on clothing wholesale children online , and now she is no longer in business phone , cell phone off , how my money back ! What gave me the bank account of the financial ********** 678 6222 Name: Zheng ** One is the Agricultural Bank of China, the account number 6228 also , ****, * 012 ***** Zheng *
Answer1gopherAnswered at 2012-03-27 03:41:12
The money is not recovered, but it should be against them, the complainants them! ! If the person is a member of Ali, the following recommended steps: First, when members of an allegation of fraud (for example, the collection is not delivered, etc), 1, enter the Chinese website Alibaba report Complaints Forum (http:/ / info.china.alibaba. com / resource / add? tracelog = aliltts) to download a complaint letter writing, attach the required documents (including, without limitation, the transfer certificate, proof of identity, business license, etc.) will be sent to Alibaba integrity or fax to 0571 -89815503 Forum. Alibaba effective written materials received after the verification of timely treatment, coordinate the complaining party for a limited time to solve the problem, if the complaining party can not resolve the problem within a limited time, Alibaba will under the terms of integrity and make the appropriate treatment, 2, in the letter of complaint sent to Ali Baba, at the same time, the members nominated to the local public security authorities reported that Alibaba shall cooperate fully with investigations related to public security organs and 3, if you can not provide proof materials, members can report complaints forum post Alibaba, or call the service line for complaints of Alibaba, Alibaba is the record and the progress of the case, the integrated treatment ; In addition, complaints of trade disputes (eg, size mismatch), 1, customers can contract the responsibility for the contents of the prosecutor other hand, 2, Alibaba offers a forum for legal advice for clients to seek some legal experts, advice and support forum, online shopping be sure to use the money from Paypal, direct bank game, which has misled Bacheng. Third, you can go to the local public security bureau, while evidence of Alibaba forum for complaints to report complaints, Alibaba is responsible for implementing the clear. Recalling that online transactions should adhere to use Alipay (does not go away), which is the beginning of trade, have time to avoid the pitfalls Alibaba Business Forum to see, can increase the capacity of anti-cheat!
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