Shanghai second-hand housing decoration which company more famous?

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Asked at 2012-03-27 03:11:51
Shanghai second-hand housing decoration of the best known company ? Finally bought a 67 square house , Yu Zhang Yang Road Pudong area of the staircase 2 North and South North and ventilation was like , I leave the decor, but best not to lose too much control in the 5W or so I better ~!
Answer1MerlAnswered at 2012-03-27 03:12:09
I told you about my experience in the decorating company is selected , the specific materials you use depends on the situation, you can do this, ah , first think of some of their own needs, as the style of decoration, budget, functional requirements of each environment , the use of materials . Fu nest in the network and then drop a renewal offer , the tender decoration company bidding to go higher to you, you can compare quotes , and then look at the diary page of the company Deco writing of the other owners of its assessment of the way, this is very important. Of course , the line also have to discuss the details of their meeting , the budget should be a good guard against Dikaigaozou situation . The complete demolition of old, can even go a little above the float. Basically , this second-hand housing renovation or find many of the company.
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