Why not pay a lot of sellers treasure secured transactions ah? ?

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Phnom Penh
Asked at 2012-03-26 21:00:06
Jiji Jiah ! ! I would like some clothes wholesaleAli ah , the price of clothes and some really attractive , but why not support more than 20 links ah Alipay secured transactions , and some may be written on a link after Alipay security , but said no , not the possession of Ali 's his name? ? Bao said the transaction without having to pay , how can we ensure the safety ah ? ? I was foolish Kuandaofahuo ah. . . Is there any expert can teach me ah. . .
Answer1JenniferAnswered at 2012-03-26 21:02:09
Many businesses in the network, the integrity and bad faith are, as long as the Alipay Alipay join should be able to support these laws, in fact do not support secure business transactions Alipay have difficulties because the support Alipay secured transactions , many buyers will also receive the goods after confirmation of payment terms , so there is no way that the vendor will have the money , the seller would give a lot of customers every day shipments , if many end buyers confirm the receipt not later, the seller affect the cash flow is very large. For example, dry clean every day throughout the country , if all use Alipay to guarantee payment , then the flow of capital will be influential , many customers are also models of a direct hit , so do not pay transactions treasury guarantees are not compatible with the seller is not honest. You can see all aspects of other information, such as information blog, index of integrity, customer evaluation , and ask each other the other patrons, answer questions , etc., to make multidisciplinary evaluation. The telephone cards are not compatible with the payment of a treasure is not a hoax
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