Skilled Bedroom 64 square meters to build a warm house

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Qualified Bedroom 64 square meters to build a warm house
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Introduction: The house is elegant in the hand of the fragrance of a clock, each house is brick every stone is out of the castle puzzle with love, family love is a circle with a radius of walked hand in hand as a circle The house is the world in the snow, where it is spring. Housing the pictures to see if it looks like before, in fact, too, seemed a bit old. Master bedroom balcony, floor to knock down part of the platform. The demolition of the old master is very difficult, ahead of schedule on the weekend can not be combined with the noise of construction, so no formal construction plumbers Sunday on the positioning, materials arrive here Monday. Large amount of dust grooves, but small matters to me directly to open the slot. Master bedroom wall TV slot and buried in the wealth of the tape. In fact, the original little master Gu takes a position with the gas pipeline has reached 10 cm spacing, in line with the national 315 standards, but Zheng particularly strict monitoring requirements at the end or in accordance with the requirements of the rectification . Bedroom wall, first pour the water in the wet wall, or wall is too dry, cement absorbs water, which leads to the formation of cracks in the cement. Forming part of the roof, all of them are said to be inside sealed with plasterboard, that looks good will be smaller than this. On the other hand, the old wooden bar was built in the care of a horizontal line, to ensure that the tiles in a horizontal line. In addition, because it is kitchen tiles, wood blocks and paste the above article, published the following in a hidden brick. The total effect, and the rest is hidden paste bricks. Clothing & Accessories: Mona Lisa ancient ceramic tile tiles Gu Xing-hui wife with a old toothbrush to clean the gap, which is the corner tile processing. Store brands: Smick panel sealing tile Luo Wales to see the curvature of the corner, it's logical, right, Mr. Chang, both for the amount of time spent on a lot of angles. Old move quickly Gu, marble installed keeping the night, and then the water brush, this is a good brush impermeability of the ground. The kitchen ceiling, the light is not installed. Store Brand: Sega allies wave integrated roof door roof was a very humble now a new image.
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