Toy packaging market position in which

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Toy packaging market like China, where rapid economic development level, people outside the entertainment aspects of the basic necessities of life are becoming more demanding, some of the characteristics of toys adults, the West began to appear on the market and began to take root and grow in China, domestic toy manufacturers are also active in the characteristics of the toy market to competition. Toys in the characteristics of the field began to try to compete on the occasion, made for China's national conditions, and can effectively attract young consumers of toy packaging design features, is a recent topic. The packaging is the most direct value-added products and sales of toys too. The toys intended for young children design their own toys, there are many differences, the latter puzzle, the bearing capacity, practical training and toys features do not meet the requirements of the target objects, features and personality, the collection and the level of fine toys themselves pursued by adults buy toys. Therefore, the design of the packaging must also comply with the youth group of the values ​​and aesthetic characteristics of the toy itself, echoes to achieve the best sales results. Japan, EMI will own the production of a model 20 years ago to change the packaging and re-launch of toys, started selling a new climax, we see that the design of containers in the toy market in importance. The main purpose of packaging design to attract consumers, making toys to attract young consumers in full, plus sales channels, advertising to children's toys should be independent, but especially in the packaging design should be integrated into the characteristics, personality, and Latin America and other similar products open, especially with the gap between children's toys, emphasizing the sense of quality, to achieve these points, the first to start from youth, popular culture, from the young love of fashion, cartoons, music, television culture, learning experience, so that the positioning accuracy of package design.

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