Why is there a fall in advertising?

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Why is there a drop in advertising?
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No? not believe there is a fall. There are however many changes. So how do we support the idea that there is a fall. The magazine racks are filled! Superbowls still sold out in record U.S. $ / 30 second. The agencies are very busy. But the changes are clearly enormous. # 1 Pass for advertising varies from year to year and recently, measurement of advertising investment has shown a decrease in spending, but only slightly. Part of the reason stems from the fact that advertising is being diverted into new media. 4 or 5 decades ago, ran ads in movie theaters and disappeared, then? Today they are back with a vengeance! Internet sales of advertising are experiencing a resurgence back just a little. The Internet is doing amazing things that traditional advertising has not been very effective at. Under these circumstances? ROI measurement or conversion. This has led both to the power of direct response marketing. Each campaign can be measured by the number of people who actually received, read and acted in a particular offer. For every $ 1.00 of spending, customers can ensure they get $ 1.00 + dollar return and the check valve or control of the sale. This allows many advantages. Now go into public relations. People seem to be catching up. While advertising can support it and trademarks, PR is the progenitor of the marks. It really is responsible for brand development, positioning and repositioning. You can only serve to support advertising. There is a simple analogy. If I can advertise my service to you for a total discount of 60% would have to spend extra dollars to me? His first response as a consumer would be a request for a service definition. Advertising can only be present (actual) of an idea. If that idea is the saving of 60% have no place to detail the value of the proposed service. PR on the otherhand can. While they can not or should not discount the service position that can create a point of differentiation, testimony of service and position of the service against competitive services. There is much here that could write. Hope this helps. Look adage, BrandWeeek, Marketing Magazine, Strategy and other for actual data on spending in advertising / public relations and direct.
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