Point of "good" living room lights to buy the Beauty Collection

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Point of "good" living room lights to buy beauty collection
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Lighting, home lighting, not only an important role to play, beautiful home lighting itself may express a different atmosphere. In the living room, kitchen, bedroom, study, to meet different lighting requirements, as long as some thought, you can rely on the lighting in your home decorated in colors. NVC Lighting Great Fang Mingliang authentic living room lighting to a common chandelier, living room or the roof Fang Mingliang as the main light, with a variety of auxiliary lighting elsewhere, such as: wall lamps, downlights, projectors, etc.. In the main lighting, if the floors of the living more than 3.5 m above the living room, the choice of high quality size standard spider slightly larger or ceiling: if the story the plot of 3 or less, to use the chandelier midrange luxury: soil to 2.5 m below, to use the middle range of decorative ceiling or without headlights. Also with a separate lamp or floor lamp in a corner of the sofa, so that no direct light scattering in the rest area for conversation or browsing books and newspapers. Suitable location can also be placed on the wall elegant style lamps on the wall, the wall so that the brightness. If so, murals, displays, etc., can be embellished pockets invisible set. Located next to a mini-incandescent lighting can reduce the contrast between light and dark room, to help protect your eyes. Dream of a Shadow Bedroom Bedroom lighting is the dream, living room, which requires better privacy. Requirements of soft light, no barbed vision to make people sleep easier. The dress uniform of makeup you need bright light. Ceiling light is not good choice for basic lighting, located in the center of the ceiling, wall and can be installed against a wall mirror, bed with bedside lamps, table lamps, as well as the common base plate is attached to the bed by the angle adjustable head lamp modern metal, pretty and practical. Dishes a selection of lighting fixtures in the kitchen cooking usually waterproof and easy to clean as the principle of soot. Usually embedded in the console above the fixed roof type semi-integrated or astigmatism, masks embedded in a transparent glass or transparent plastic, so that the roof is simple and to reduce dust, oil and problems. Framework Stove, range hoods, hood hidden inside a small incandescent lamp to light the stove. If the kitchen functions as a restaurant in the table above shows a lift or a single fire, multi-fork suspension. Hot incandescent light source should be adopted, should not use the cold fluorescent lamps. Warm light of their hearts to eat at family restaurants back light bulb, of course, the table decorations. Pendant lighting spider generally available, in order to achieve the desired effect, spider can not be installed too high, as the level of the line can be eaten. Rectangular table, the installation of two long oval pendant or chandelier, chandeliers have features dimmer and the dark and can be twice as busy with other things, pay attention to China's color, smell, taste, shape, often require a series of brilliant warm and enjoy the West, if dark softer light, you can create a romantic atmosphere. Dining room ceiling and walls should have enough light, otherwise it will affect the appetite, help may be lights or wall lights. Housing Study, study, contemplation beacon lighting the atmosphere should be calm and friendly, clean and clear. The best exposure to light from the upper left shoulder, or on the desk in front of the installation of high gloss without the glare of the lamps. Special study of the lamps, lamps art should be used, such as the rotary table lamp or a wall lamp control gear, so that direct exposure to light on the desktop. Usually not necessary in the light, for easy retrieval based on hidden lights bookstore. If the study of a multipurpose room;, to use the semi-closed, light opaque metal work can be put on the light focused on the desktop, both to meet the needs of operating plane without affecting the interior other activities. If the chairs, the sofa reading, address and preferably adjustable height floor lamps. Links: Exposure: Jiang Wenli, Wei Gu pair of new homes
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