Black screen after reinstall the system what related questions

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Black screen after reinstall the system what1toxic alien 2012-03-25 01:38:02
Black screen after reinstalling the system
After the reinstall I had a good system, there's not a window2000 and EXAL how? ? Is the system tray without it?1Dick2012-03-15 23:04:40
After reinstalling I had a good system, there is no way window2000 and EXAL ? ? It is the system tray without it?
My XP-SP2 system can play CS1. 5, but as long as the play CS1. 6 interface will just boot into the black screen of death1Mrs. Adams2012-08-15 09:13:33
I can play the original XP system CS1. 6, but then re- install the system, installed Kaspersky 6. 0, CS1. 5 can play, but is CS1. 6 can not play , simply click the CS1. 6 A black screen of death is not reflected in any key. . . Only reboot. . My card is NVMX440 , the original system is XP Why I can play ? I am a Century 98 liters for the XP -SP2, the installation process has been no error of PCI BUS SYSTEM MANGER . . . . Oh, I do not know how the case , please , oh expert help . . . . Thank you very much . . . . .
Computer keyboard light does not turn black screen, can hear the sound drops into the system soon. But fans are not the computer off, unplug the power only.1Brando2012-05-25 20:52:08
Yesterday , the computer automatically shuts off the power, called black power to open the computer keyboard does not light , you hear the sound gets lost in the system soon. But fans are not the computer off, unplug to turn off only. In the end how ? ? ? Please help me to master ! !
How should I reinstall the system?1Power2012-04-29 00:42:13
In the C drive and then load XP file format appeared in i386 c- 936.n / s can not be the error code is 14 Setup can not loaded.The continue.Press any key to exit. So how should I do please help me .
After reinstall the system partition1Truda2012-03-18 23:33:20
A hard disk , partition , format, system of Bahrain, on windows , why can click "My Computer" - " Administration" - Open "Disk Management" item, and then separate from an extended partition, or can adjust the size of the partition? Not only is keeping things in order to separate partition for it? the end is the way, is how to do this ? please tell me ?
C drive and reinstall the system boot up, like1Those memories, Land of the Dead Road2012-04-16 20:28:57
There PHANTOM counseling teams and reinstall WXP which hazardous
Why complete system reinstall the files are still C drive it?1saeed2012-07-06 14:49:23
Before the reinstallation did not delete the file to the recycle bin even after reinstall the system Why is it all? Why? Please do not reinstall the system?
I reinstall the system how to play music files can not ah?1N-SING-COLL 2012-05-30 04:44:37
1 . It can be your speaker 2. The driver is not installed , reinstall the sound drivers recommended 3. Playback software is not installed ! These can not .. I will not be a rookie at this rate . I installed the system before the F: convert from FAT32 to NTFS to reinstall the whole system can not play audio and video files
Before entering the Welcome screen boot black screen1Hoga2012-03-18 02:44:11
Each time you boot, after shooting the black slider to 10 seconds before entering the welcome screen , I wonder if this is normal, or what is wrong .
Sony notebook computer system reinstall does not disc how to do?1grouse2011-12-22 04:56:31
I bought a computer when no disc . . . . . System reinstall the CD now with another. . . . . . Now I want to use wireless networks. . . . But I do not know how. . . That can help you look busy . . . . . Thank you. . . .
Colleagues in the Office of the computer can not reinstall the complete system, ie, after browsing, msn can not log in, how is it?1Power2012-03-27 09:45:03
The lower right corner shows the network connection icon normal! It's just reinstall the system , there is no antivirus software installed, help us analyze why! Emergency ...

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