Black screen after reinstall the system what

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Black screen after reinstalling the system
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The situation much ah. . . . I Bainaohui when the technician! Often difficult to see the research. . . I can help you look for: the right seat. The power failure caused by damage to the host or the host power supply of poor quality are common causes of black failure. For example, when adding a new computer, the screen will display an error in black, dismissed the part quality and compatibility issues after the poor quality of power supply shortage is a major cause of failure, then you can also hear the continuous sound machine alarm horn 12, the substitution of high quality food is the best solution to these failures. In addition, some motherboards have AT / ATX dual interface power supply, the jumper settings of your choice can not make these mistakes. 2. Quality parts failures caused by poor quality or damaged computer, making the screen is the main cause of black failure. Example, the motherboard (and BIOS of the motherboard), memory, video card, etc. can cause problems with a black screen failure to appear. Performance such as the screen lights failure was orange, then replaced with the replacement in the graphics card, memory, or motherboard, CPU treat, is the most efficient solution. 3. Accessories connection between the quality of memory cards, etc from the motherboard or a loose plug is not correct, poor contact is the main reason for failure caused by a blank screen. And the graphics card and monitor connection problems also can lead to these failures, until the power supply properly connected TA what is more, such as hard disk or optical drive data cable reverse can also lead failure to start the black screen. 4. Overclocking failure caused by the use of clocks or a blank screen is not suitable for overclocking overclocking components not only result in failure to produce a blank screen, can also cause serious damage to the parties. There are more than overclocking, or parts unsuitable for use overclocking overclocking bad or normal cooling fan is damaged, do not convert, so can cause system crashes black self-protection. 5. Other causes of other blacks, such as configuring the motherboard CMOS is not correct and clear the bridge of the motherboard BIOS incorrectly can cause black failure, the control panel you can change the settings. In addition to problems with the software drivers of conflict such as improper installation, improper DIY, as an error BIOS update, the power management settings are not correct, the virus causes damage to hardware vicious (as CIH), and therefore are likely to cause the failure of the standby screen appears. Everyone in the face of such failure could think of not taking into account the causes of failure to know ourselves to do more with less determination. Second, show a blank screen due to its failure fault normal according to the author's experience, a blank screen monitor their own fault caused primarily by failure due to various reasons-1. External power supply AC power shortage power shortages, resulting in some of the old monitors or part of the energy consumption of the display does not start is because of monitor big caused one of the reasons for black failure. Or the external power voltage is unstable, too high or too low can cause the monitor does not work. 2. The power switch circuit damage to the display switch circuit failure is caused by a blank screen shows the main causes of failure. Simple, as the power switch is damaged or short internal circuit, joint damage, such as switches or external circuit components are damaged and so on. 3. Output line circuit or damage the pipe to the line output circuit and supply circuit failure is caused by a blank screen shows the main causes of failure. Especially the ignition coil used in a number of years of damage or inferior brand monitor displays a black screen failure caused no more common. Third, the monitor displays a blank white screen ideas for troubleshooting screen how to repair the damage, we will propose some ideas below for your reference. First, the computer displays a black screen host failures caused by faults that can carry out the following ideas to solve-1. Check parts quality installation every time you change the parts in the assembly of a computer or a blank screen when the error occurs, you should first check the quality of the installation of accessories. For example, if the correct memory installed in good contact with the socket on the motherboard, graphics card, the card is installed in place, the BIOS settings in the relevant bridges choosing the right motherboard, you can reference to the relevant instructions carefully laid on board, while checking the focus of the Board itself on quality issues and the appropriate slot on the motherboard and "Goldfinger" card is part of a foreign body and to be contaminated by dust is also very necessary. It is also overclocking the CPU or "bad" use of oral contraceptives (especially for soft bridges motherboard, the system of "automatic" error caused by such failure to establish more) hard disk or optical data cable be invested, and so should be considered. But also for this kind of problem, it's best to give priority to "Minimum System Act" and "replace the method" for the diagnosis of the machine, leaving only the motherboard, video card, memory, CPU to treat , especially the quality of good or bad memory due to a relatively high failure rate, as no problem, you can focus on examining the quality of other accessories such as the screen is still black, you can focus on these parts and then carefully try to restart after installation and connection, if not solve the problem, replace the associated components can be tested quality test accessories. It is also important that you also need to know the host is the power good or bad and the power switch and the well connected or not, the machine can cause black screen, which is something you need to focus to understand . If the power problem, then after opening the computer chassis panel visible light is not on the host and the host can not hear the sound of the fan rotation of the power supply and hard drive sound self-test and so on, shows that even had the normal host system power supply. Such a Q
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