Vigilance joins in 2 exposure join in in the center of fraud fraud

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Asked at 2012-03-24 07:59:22
I just saw central 2 hours the economy, about joining in the reports of fraud , I am very sad too excited . For I am within a week , joined in the product of a commercial enterprise. Present U88 joins the network address , the network is too cheater cheater join reportorial have: Earth dear, dear talent, moxa humble Er. The whole world is watching ! ! ! Everybody helps me see what the city of Guangzhou becomes fragrant limited trading company involved in the way , everyone has each of the aspects to be informed of the information , please also ask all world to increase surveillance for not wanting to easily join the company not known inputs and outputs , not to be deceived.
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Above all , my deputy is very friendly all the advice you see the friend of this blog would like to thank the exposure offered by the company to cheat time , more friends can avoid being deceived , then also expressed sympathy with and feel sorry for your experience, this society is too crazy , cheat subsidiary to the stage center, impossible to defend effectively , finally , may want to find a suitable project .
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