Maintenance of affordable solid wood floor renovation

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Maintenance of sound economic renewal wood floor
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Solid wood flooring, flooring materials, such as a common species, there are a lot of knowledge in the use of them. Unlike other flooring solid wood floors, use a period of renovation and maintenance needs, industry experts, according to the frequency of use, about 5 years should be restored hardwood floors. Experts say that many of the wooden floors, after years of use it looked very old, many people may want to bring down the floor to the floor again. From the economic standpoint, this is not a reasonable decision. Because only the surface of the wheels wood floors, wood, wood is still good, especially in the use of many years, has become very stable wood floor, new hardwood floors in this area, but not as good as the old flooring, renovation is just polishing the surface of 1-2 mm above the ground, much cheaper than buying a new floor. At present, polished, refurbished floor technology has greatly improved in the past, is not guerrilla-style with a grinding tool for the consumer's home confused with dust, you need a lot of days to complete. Now, manufacturers generally use the advanced machine grinding, in the absence of dust in the environment, 1 to 2 hours to look old floors. I know some of the manufacturers of hardwood flooring is the service. DIY Tip: solid wood floor polish be 40 mesh, 80 mesh, 120 mesh sandpaper and polishing gradually to ensure the floor surface with a delicate, smooth, polished finish, be sure to caulk, use chips wood in Sweden of a mixture of mastic and floor can guarantee the true nature of the plant, not scratch the floor, floor must use the environment to water-based floor paint painting, will not make the room smell must be a special paint floor paint floor, its abrasion resistance in order to meet the requirements of the plant.
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