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Office Feng Shui Guide (a) 18 February 2006 6:41 Editor: Lu Fei, whether government officials or local leaders, both store owners or managers of large companies, placed leading to the office and office units are essential, the National auspicious location of gray gas field of human value, wisdom has a little help, which affects the rise and fall of career success business, or failure. Fanzhu top leadership, boss, president and general manager table and other decision makers, the general should be based on the life Gua Ji, Kyrgyzstan to the south, will sit in the south, Kyrgyzstan to the east, will sit in the east. Fanzhu middle managers, managers, deputy directors and other people's desk, the general must be based on numerology four columns, namely the lack of wood, the seat should be facing east, the lack of fire south of the headquarters should be. In addition, the office and even the office desk to the must also consider the location of the hydro-geological, landscape, climate, weather conditions is the internal structure of buildings and gas field factors. The ideal position for the desktop. Information placed in the two cases, one is elected offices in the center of the building, a scriptorium in trade agreements of the basement, so that a windowless office, located in the offices of a desktop without windows, main consideration are two relationships, a relationship between the desktop and the door, the second is behind the table after the man and the relationship between objects in the deployment of these two relationships, there are two points to keep in mind, there be careful not to table facing the door, sit on the table to pay attention after two people have the wall, under a class can not have extra empty. Half of the table to avoid facing the door, especially for leaders at work, is less susceptible to interference and noise from outside by his spy, how to avoid the empty reception, mainly to make it sits on the desktop business of doing business for those who are behind the decline in their sense of emptiness and not practical to increase reliability. Desktop placement, the stage should have a relatively large area, according to feng shui is an angry argument area, you can open the minds of people, while the table away from the door and the door is left on the desktop front of the bevel on others to avoid direct peering from the door and outside noise after desk seat is a solid wall, a wall as the wall to avoid giving a solid sense of the mountains, but can also be rely on the desktop. The second case, offices, accommodation options in a window, select the window of the house as a scriptorium in the first place to look out the window of the environment, which requires Pingchuang with a view in the front window of a class can not see the chimney of the uncanny ... [Em19]
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