Just beginning to learn how to learn ah car get high marks

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Starting to learn to learn self ? Get high marks
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The cars are starting to learn this. 2 words. Voltage ( previously driven a car , not the drivers). I just started learning to drive. The trainer will familiarize you with the operation of the vehicle in advance. You are very typical of the situation. Do not worry . Not 3 days . That little unfamiliar. Is not that nervous . When coaches are usually taught to let you know about a road trip , become familiar with the equipment, the gas pedal. Brake. Co - management devices and the like. Then the next day , ending the bar, the bar of practice to start. . . Little by little. Also do not worry your mind relax. To teach a trick. Remember what psychological silence. A driving instructor sits in the payment, there are circumstances that would kill vehicle. 2 I'm not nervous . I have the foot brake . I found the brakes of the situation. .
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