In order to meet the 2008 Olympic Games, what countries have also made some necessary equipment and facilities?

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In order to meet the 2008 Olympics , what countries have also made some necessary equipment and services ? Who can tell me ah ????? Urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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08 Green Olympics concept of development of related industries deeply rooted tune of "Green Olympics", "Technology Olympics" and "Olympic Games", working over of the Olympic project construction bidding by step, the green building concept is catching on, and bring the industry in question. In fact, long before the green concept has come into our lives, vegetables, green buses, especially in the context of home building materials, green products are most concerned about. Today, many people will buy a house very concerned about the decoration of the tiles, paint and other decoration materials in the environmental health problems, as it directly affects the health of people. The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee presented the "Green Guide to the Olympic project," we find: one related to the construction of energy conservation, gardening, green building materials, conservation and reuse of water, noise control and other aspects. Open your eyes to see the "green" building in the Olympic Park, the idea that many people just stop at the building materials of the building should be less than chemical contaminants. "Guide" is mentioned in the contents include a product from manufacturing, transportation, recycling and other uses and even after all the links, as this product is almost a "disease and death," have developed a step " green. "For example, in the production of raw materials before production," as little as possible to natural resources, the extensive use of industrial solid waste, "which means that the product" before birth "concept protection of the environment has begun. Nonrenewable resources are necessary to maximize the use of fewer, or even have. Since then, the production process for use in the manufacturing process of low energy and pollution free environment, the production technology to ensure that the products in the production process less damage to the natural environment. In the transport process, use the least polluting mode of transport, the use of the product is to improve the production environment, enhance quality of life for this purpose, such as energy saving antibacterial. Finally, when the product is to replace Shihai demand "what can be recycled or recycling, pollution free environment of the waste." The details of the things that people ask: can be done in many ways on the green and the whole system to have so many people for the green concept and its benefits. "Kick ass" and "try your luck?" It is reported that: 2008 years ago, the Beijing Olympics of urban construction in total investment will reach 280 billion yuan, this huge investment in any sector of the human heart are the cake. Materials industry, for example, but is definitely the icing on the cake is golden, so do not use the economic influence executive orders, but it can cause vibrations throughout the building materials industry generated. All construction materials, people are thinking, now wants to be expelled or wants to be the butt will tide the beach? This is not an exaggeration. Although not yet in the United States for national unity on the health requirements of material, but U.S. states municipalities and building materials have been strict limits for contaminants. In this process, continuous improvement of the standard, all manufacturers are feeling the pressure, the product does not meet the limit is punishable by heavy taxes and fines. In the past 10 years, environmental pressures has led to a lot of product updates, especially the development of a growing number of low volatile organic compound content of products. Such as the use of U.S. home last long-term improvement using chlorinated solvents, adhesives adhesives based on water-based adhesive to the transition now, and now the U.S. architectural coatings waterborne coatings has been the transition to a mainly composed of nearly 75% of latex, and this trend will continue. It tells the story of the U.S. construction counterparts materials industry in China, whether to take this opportunity, they will be able to occupy the high competition in the future. Even if you can get orders of government, in the "Green Olympics" concept also influence them pay more attention to the Chinese, the use of environmentally friendly, the future rules of choice of products increases and the opportunity lost hope of tomorrow. Developed countries in the Olympic project in detail access to industry-standard building materials, each product has a related data standards. And with the completion of Olympic construction, more and better standards put in place in the building materials enterprises in China more than once is the pressure. "Green Concept" allows you to make a "Green Olympics" main concept paper should not be underestimated. Domestic companies, Haier Group, the Olympics may be one of the more closely, they are also the "Green Olympics" concept of the direct beneficiaries. Haier Group, the Olympic Games in Athens in 2001 to support the candidacy for the central air conditioning in the face of many world renowned brands of air conditioning, at one time in the Olympic village in Athens in 2004 support for central air conditioning business. Haier Group is the sponsor of the Olympic Games in Athens, but their products comply with the Olympic Games in Athens, made the concept of environmental protection and quality fully meets all the tests. Then, the Haier Group and the adjustment of product structure, to further strengthen its own advantages of green product. They are also winning the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, Beijing bases softball and project support of central air conditioning central air conditioning installations, Beijing Workers Stadium renovation project and a series of projects. In addition to a part of the massive government orders, Haier Olympic development and production of environmentally friendly appliances in the domestic market has also done very well in sales as the stringent requirements of environmental protection with to know the United States, Haier adopted assessment layers, left heel, sales continue to increase steadily. Haier's success stems from the understanding of "Green Olympics" concept to achieve a breakthrough. Haier and so well-known brands, there are many new emerging
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