My machine can not be connected to the ADSL Internet access can receive the data packet is pitiful, you help a hand, where the problem. Also, as heavy equipment machine related questions

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My machine can not be connected to the ADSL Internet access can receive the data packet is pitiful, you help a hand, where the problem. Also, as heavy equipment machine1chaffinch2012-03-22 17:14:25
Thanks ah
ADSL connection for a while there is no data received, ADSL lines also pass the cat, how to solve, what is the problem? Help0Bertha2012-07-20 11:24:02
After the computer boots up, dial-up Internet access (ADSL cat) there is no data about 5-10 minutes after picked, web does not open, but the ADSL light the cat on the tips line or through, the website does not open, look set to run ADSL to the line is pass, no telephone, is a line, remove the extension interference, also re-done system, COMS in USB2.0 also switch off, can not afford effect. that happens restart the machine, but also re-dial on But the problem repeat
Network is connected, only to send the data, no data received, login is not the Internet, why?0Maryanne2012-07-14 21:59:02
My V3 just bought 3 months how to telephone close automatically machine rise again machine! ! Receive a short message also so appearance! Ask ace to tell! ! ! ! ! ! !1Georg2012-02-03 21:16:51
My V3 just bought 3 months how telephone close automatically increase the machine machine again ! ! The wireless switches on the mobile phone will receive a short message also for the look ! Normal when the little one! ! Inquire as to tell! ! ! ! ! ! !
The client's machine child appeared such problem (table machine) .1Rox2012-09-14 18:05:03
Turn your mobile phone to enter self-test , show a system to enter F1, enter the BIOS , Delete, enter the BIOS automatically a while too, what's the problem be? Why did you go to this type of case ?
Biomass Pellet Machine Wood Pellet Machine Is Environmental Protection Equipment02020-04-06 23:30:40
Biomass pellets are also called wood pellets, they are a new style of fuel. Biomass pellets are becoming more and more popular in the world, many customers consulting us to build biomass production lines with our biomass pellet machine. The Types Of Biomass Pellet Machine Our biomass pellet machine has two types, one is flat die pellet machine, one is ring die pellet machine. Flat die pellet machine is suitable for pressing strong adhesive materials, such as crop straw. And ring die pellet machine, suitable for pressing poor adhesion of materials, such as wood chips and so on. No matter what kind of pellet machine, it is worth noting that the feeding speed must be uniform, too slow will affect the output, too fast easy to block or crash. Choosing A Suitable Biomass Pellet Machine No matter if you are experienced customers or want to start a business in this industry, this articlewill help you to improve the efficiency of the wood pellet machine. We do really hope these tips can help to grow your business. 1. Choosing the wood pellet machine suitable for your own production capacity, such as the actual output of 1-2 tons. If you choose to produce 2-3 tons of machine, is it not overkill, causing waste? 2. The feeding process should be uniform in the production process, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, uniform granulation does not block the material. 3. Control the gap between the mold and the pressure roller. After the high temperature is matured, the material is pressed and pressed by the pressing wheel, so that the particles have good compactness and firm appearance. 4. Select the appropriate mold aperture according to your actual needs. If the aperture is too small, it will result in low output and no discharge, which will seriously affect the production efficiency of the wood pellet machine. 5. Regular oil lubrication and cleaning. Long-term friction between the mold and the press wheel can damage the mold. Regular oiling and cleaning can not only ensure the cleanliness of the mold, but also reduce the friction between the two, reduce the cost and provide production efficiency. Just as the above tips indicate, the efficiency of the wood pellet machine not only has a relation with high-quality machines, but also has a relation with the maintenance in the production process. If you want to know more about the wood pellet machine production line, please visit 500KG Wood Pellet Production Line and Industrial Wood Pellet Production Line.  
Zigong's CDMA wireless Internet access price is how much, what equipment? Thank you0kt19932012-07-20 19:45:02
BBQ Charcoal Machine Charcoal Briquette Making Machine Equipment02020-05-18 01:27:44
The BBQ charcoal machine mainly used for pressing powder materials. It is characterized by high molding pressure, the number of revolutions of the main engine is adjustable, and it equipped with a screw feeding device. BBQ Charcoal Machine Introduction The BBQ charcoal machine has advanced technology, reliable quality, multi-purpose machine, and strong pressure. It is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises to establish a production line with a certain production scale. It is suitable for various moldings of industrial gasification, boiler type, cold pressing type focus, ignition type coal, civil type coal, civil metallurgy, refractory materials, medicine and other materials. The charcoal briquette machine has been used and improved for many years. Compared with other charcoal briquette making machine, it has the advantages of high ball formation rate, low power consumption, compact structure, and easy inspection and debugging. Functional Use Of The BBQ Charcoal Machine The charcoal press machine can be used to suppress various powders such as coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron filings, iron oxide scale, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, and coke. It widely used in refractory materials, power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating, and other industries. After molding, the formed materials are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to transport, and improve the utilization rate of waste. It has good economic benefits and social benefits. Structural Of The Machine The BBQ charcoal machine consists of three parts: the feeding part, the transmission part, and the forming part. 1. Feeding part. Mainly to achieve quantitative feeding to ensure that the material evenly enters between the rolls. The screw feeding device is driven by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, and is rotated by the pulley and the worm reducer to force the pressed material into the main feeding port. Due to the constant moment characteristic of the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, when the amount of material of the screw feeder is equal to the amount of material required by the main machine, a constant supply pressure can maintain to stabilize the quality of the pellet. If the feeding amount is too large, the feeding device is overloaded. If the feeding amount is too small, the ball is not formed. Therefore, the skilled operation technique is an important condition for ensuring the normal operation of the ball. 2. Transmission part. The main drive system is: motor - triangular belt - reducer - open gear - roll. The main engine is powered by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is transmitted to the driving shaft through a pin and pin coupling through a pulley and a cylindrical gear reducer. The drive shaft and the passive shaft ensure synchronized operation through open gears. The passive bearing housing is equipped with hydraulics at the rear. The hydraulic protection device is driven by a hydraulic pump to drive high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, and it causes axial displacement of the piston. The front joint of the piston rod is placed on the bearing housing to meet production pressure requirements. 3. Forming part. Mainly refers to the main part, the core part is the roll. When the feed between the two pressure rollers is too much or enters the metal block, the hydraulic cylinder piston rod is under pressure overload, the hydraulic pump will stop, the accumulator will buffer the pressure change, the relief valve will open the oil return, and the piston rod will displace. The gap between the pressure roller is increased to allow the hard object to pass through the pressure roller, and the system pressure returns to normal, thereby protecting the pressure roller from damage. Working Principle Of Machine Through the belt, it is transmitted to the reducer, and the reducer passes through the coupling to the drive shaft and then by a pair of open gears to ensure that the two rollers are synchronized (equal speed reverse) material storage bins uniformly enter the forming hopper through the quantitative equipment. The unit forming pressure of the material is changed from small to large, and the forming pressure reaches the maximum at the center line of the pair of rolls. After the material passes the line, the forming pressure is rapidly reduced to make the material enter the off-ball state and smoothly take off the ball.  
Open material of a stone to machine inn, how many money to need? Machine equipment is each stone material wholesale how much do each need?1Yetta2012-02-01 22:23:12
Open a stone material machine inn, the amount of money they need? Team of the machine is every stone material wholesale, how much you need each one?
Existing solar film marking machine, cutting film machine, packaging machine for sale2Nic2016-09-18 22:13:16
Existing film solar marking machine , cutting machine of the film, packaging machine for sale, anyone interested please contact me : 0531 -88521866 packaging machine for sale
PVC pipe grooving machine equipment where1Larr2012-02-06 05:23:38
Slotted PVC pipe can the team , piping a week a total of six slots, parallel grooves , slots 10 to 20 mm, a porosity of the requirements, the information in this sense ,
Where can I buy second-hand Yongkang bending machine1Bad Ass 2012-03-13 00:57:35
bending double

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