Allow more artistic ceiling ceiling Qijia the most popular integration

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Qijia allow more artistic roof roof most popular integration
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Roof, simply refers to the decoration of the ceiling, is an important part of interior decoration. Ceiling decorations throughout the room plays an important role in the top to make adequate room decor, not only to beautify the interior environment, but also to create a rich and varied artistic image of the interior. Ceiling decoration in the choice of materials and design options, to follow not only saving materials, solid, safe and beautiful, practical principles. Today, Xiaobian to present at the top of the roof of the star products of integrated Qijia allies. 8 Fang Ping AIA Guangbo integrated ceiling heating, kitchen with bathroom (modern style), the flagship stores of the package: integrated AFP maximum price: 3583.00 yuan tuangou Jia: 2480.00 configurations: heating + lighting + light ventilation pinch thickness: 0.6 Package Type: One set of kitchen roof modules rub Guardian faceplate (0601 Titanium Silver Pearl White Air 0602 0603 m white) 8M2 Lighting: A30D-1 2 ​​warm up sets: 30 * 15 a set of lights for heating, ventilation A30F-7 1 game of the other: Send Lord, Vice keel, boom, pendants and accessories, free survey, design, installation. Revenue, excluding the edges, 25 yuan / m. Duotuishaobu Module (148 yuan / square meter). AIA roof integrated modern kitchen ceiling packages branded stores: AFP integrated maximum price: 1438.00 yuan tuangou Jia: 1120.00 Configuration: change the lighting + thickness of the wall plate: 0.6 Package Type: roof integrated package allies ceiling of the kitchen, modern bathroom ceiling packages branded stores: AFP integrated ceiling price: 2345.00 yuan tuangou Jia: 1480.00 gusset thickness: 0.6 Package Type: bathroom ceiling set Category problem : Integrated roof Series Features Package: economic integration of the type of bathroom ceiling Package: Wit Lange (0601 / 0602/0603) Specifications: 300 * 300 is the main focus in the kitchen and the problem of moisture corrosion, Lange Witt panel rust problems solved. AFP put the coins in the coatings industry corrosion roof technology integrated with 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% of the composition of silicon alloy coating. Integrated 8-square AIA, a kitchen ceiling of a store brand package naturalism integrated AFP maximum price: 6354.00 yuan tuangou Jia: 5400.00 bra shape: Square plate: the configuration of roof integrated packages: Lighting heating + fan + light pinch thickness: 0.6 Features: AIA health first beautiful Russian MSO integrated hardcover ceiling board manufacturing process is very strict, using the best quality hot SWA quality aluminum and magnesium alloy sheet produced several color (two-roller application of two or more) along with a strict process control, roll plate plate AIA hardcover very uniform color, color, excellent simulation and reduction in grade, persistent strong. AFP hardcover roller card offers: 1, plaque formation flawless, seamless. 2, the international color fashion elegant decorative ceiling so bright and clean, filling the aristocratic art 3, high strength steel sheet strength, tear resistance and has a strong resistance to deformation. 4, colorful and durable. Surface coating of chromium Henkel film technology and imported PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride resin) or PE (polyester resin) coated with high adhesion and weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to corrosion, dust, decay resistance, resistant to UV radiation and therefore in. 5, part of the plate with nanotechnology to the environment, and has anti-bacterial functions and deodorization, improve the indoor environment. AIA ceiling light integrated heating stores Brand: AFP integrated ceiling price: 1216.00 yuan Jia tuangou: 1,050.00 Type: GBN345-1 Size: 450 * 150 type heater Features: light in the heating module of light to heating module using the newly developed four-dimensional Korea heat wave control technology, without heating, rapid heating, heat radiation length distance, the brightness, light and thus lead a more healthy, fully different from the current industry practices in the warm light, carbon fiber heating module AFP roof is made first in the industry to launch new products, integrated ceiling represents the current industry standard for heating the forefront of technological development. Heating module light, not only broke the industry, many of the limitations of conventional heating products, bathroom heating again to push the industry toward a more comfortable, healthier direction. Near the line of the external physical health: the heat generated near-infrared can penetrate deep into the skin and accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism of the body, relax the muscles to relieve pain effectively, produced by the near infrared, as the sun can kill mold, like other types of bacteria. AIA packages integrated kitchen ceiling ceiling luxury brand shops: AFP integrated maximum price: 5408.00 yuan tuangou Jia: 3580.00 Configuration: ZHAOMIN the thickness of the reinforcing plate: 0.6 Features: 1, game of the series continues to apply TM Corian exclusive, aluminum complex, delicate texture and unique flavor, again leading hop fashion industry board, tighten the overall heavy feeling much higher than ordinary aluminum roof, breaking the ceiling light through the sense of monotony, minimalist design, enjoy the simple life of European luxury. (However the family in general appearance has always been the commitment to the integration of aesthetic design, 6mm magnificent three-dimensional design, fashion, fit, and the oxidation treatment, the metal roof and press in general the details of a sample of European art style beauty, especially for luxury villas class design applications from the ceiling.) devices integrated depth, hidden in the front of high performance (but easy to use set of deeply rooted single optical ring Not only do all the strong sense of the roof, avoiding the eyes, head, light reflex phenomenon, thin horizontal tricolor plug Lighting Design, extend living space, exclusive use of the main ARS static ventilation technology, space is quieter and more efficient ventilation) the lock structure in the first place, easily installed stronger power (Offstage industry is still a revolutionary series of the structure of the first electrical module locking strong, what higher electrical installation more convenient, safe and sound, without reinforcement screws entirely avoid the effectiveness of common roof installation when the phenomenon of slow and waste material to the user to save more time building) 2, ARF all metal stent ------ heat for heating the opening of the structure, security, heating,. SHP super quartz infrared heating lamp ---- faster, hotter, more secure, integrated lighting chandelier used in the brand Op, includes electronic ballast. 3, all the dishes, the keel, borders and other trademarks are the allies 4, AIA 3 Integration Services (installation of installation accuracy endless, endless design custom design, manufacturing quality manufacturing endless), measured without the design and installation. 5, the order is valid for 3 months before the measurement can give an unconditional withdrawal. Click to enter shop link link: all elegant and comfortable, energy-saving high-end bath products great Previous 123456 Next
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