What is the meaning of Kokeshi dolls?

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What is the meaning of the Kokeshi dolls ?
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Few popular art movements can boast the level of cultural significance that has Kokeshi doll from Japan. In fact, Kokeshi are so important in Japan on a prime minister prize was awarded to an artist of Kokeshi every year since 1954. description Artisans making Kokeshi dolls from basic shapes , cylindrical timber with no arms or legs. The original dolls unpainted, but can have bright modern Kokeshi floral designs. Paint thin lines generally make facial features. origins According to Kokeshi designs in early 1600 Japanese woodworkers of the Tohoku region of Japan began to make small wooden dolls to sell to tourists who frequented the natural springs in your area. science People believed that buying a doll Kokeshi helped ensure a good harvest for the community. They gave the dolls to the children because they thought the gods were pleased to see the kids play with them. traditional development Although the dolls were basic shapes and minimalist decor , specific styles developed between different craftsmen Kokeshi of the Tohoku region . Today, 11 types of traditional dolls are recognized. modern development Today's artists are making a lot of dolls Kokeshi out of the Tohoku region that are classified as "creative Kokeshi . " Creative Kokeshi artists can use a variety of materials and innovative techniques such as engraving . While honoring some of the traditions of Kokeshi are not bound by them.
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