We talk about your view?

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I would like to ask you this : I have 27 years of age, before the work is followed by the work of brother and sister who are operating Internet cafes , as I say less , since the beginning of this year to unemployed the country now has been out of work . Now that your husband wants to Coffee Bay , said it did not work I want to help me, and then called me and he had a friend working together, I said , I want to get ahead . He also knows that there is no money here, my family, my family money borrowed is invested here, but before I thought that if the three co - operation should be I will not be as sweeping the floor and then overnight with previous work, but now with everything I say at least to listen , and to save the wages of a person, and I have nothing to do now to come here to work (ie the same as the normal people who go to work ) every day and clean sweeping shifts . I can not really understand , the family said I could eat hard, and I know they are for me , but I just I can not understand . How can you help me in the end?
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Sharing information is not nothing, not the owner of many businesses , the beginning of time and work , only to have the strength and scale, and can not work , bent on making management. You're so young and without experience, I started from the bottom , so as to learn a little knowledge, but also can learn to drive.
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