Why are suppliers that only accept payment via Western Union allowed to conduct business on Alibaba?

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As much as Western Union charges a customer to send money somewhere, you would think that would provide greater consumer protection through Western Union as payment method for Internet commerce . After recently being scammed twice by the same individual, for a total of $ 1,000 , I learned of the many reasons for not using this as a payment method the hard way . There must be a method of payment available to customers who are afraid to send money to a company they had never done business with before it is safer and offers more protection for someone like me who was recently shopping first international . Alibaba warns consumers to be warned against doing business with a company that only accepts payment through Western Union .... however, Alibaba is the same reason that are capable of carrying out their fraudulent in the first place. Certainly , it gives me mixed signals about this site and any future transactions that take place here.
Answer1EuniceAnswered at 2012-03-22 00:50:33
I think Alibaba is the scams ! NEVER going to do business in this web site again !
Answer2Silverwing Answered at 2012-03-22 00:52:11

Well, I was stripped by someone in Cameroon as well! They just took the money through Western -Union and ran ! I will not ask anything from there again .. very sad, but that was my first operation and the latter does not .... is all I know about Cameroon and I just can not risk it again .... there should be some kind of sreening of these thieves ! I'm trying to figure out why all suppliers who have contacted only accept Western Union if you are in business ... I do not understand ? Are all fraudulent? < / P >

I can not help thinking that .... the only time I used Western Union took the money and ran ! Another thing, when I've look into buying the same goods from a different country , say we can not accept an order of this size so you have to order directly from our supplier and then head back to good ol CAMEROON ! < / P >

Answer3Whack Attack Answered at 2012-03-22 00:53:01
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Answer4Neeru vermaAnswered at 2012-07-10 19:09:03
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