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Digital Cameras problems? ? ?1Alva2012-03-21 21:49:17
Sony S600 in my color adjustment sharpening the contrast. This adjustment is to adjust the LCD screen ? O adjust the final shape of the object photographed in the quality of the picture? ? ?
ultra-cheap new laptops, digital cameras, computer accessories, cell phones, cameras ,new ultra low-cost laptops3salamander, triton, newt2021-12-09 00:55:54
digital cameras
Shijiazhuang have about 3,000 digital SLR cameras1W A I t、2012-03-31 22:34:08
You can also use the machine preparation
You need to start charging digital cameras1 vows: Ping â¿´ 2012-03-08 17:27:33
You need to start charging digital cameras
Which brand of digital cameras good?1Ian2012-03-15 21:31:02
What brand of digital cameras good?
Canon digital cameras take pictures and how not to display the time?1Ida2011-12-22 05:12:09
The heroes are good, needs work, we take the time shown in the photo, you can still cameras ( Canon IXUS55 ) to establish the role is not adjustable, expert advice please ...
Those digital cameras what is the meaning of specific indicators, and performance related?1Sheba 2012-05-01 22:23:13
These digital cameras what is the meaning of specific indicators, and performance related?
Hong Kong to buy digital cameras, maintenance services in mainland China will be the problem?1Vows, [Me` Yan -2012-01-27 19:22:00
Hong Kong to buy digital cameras, maintenance services in mainland China will be the problem?
Does anyone know the "Samsung Digimax i6" advantages and disadvantages of digital cameras1- 등으로 다른 단어와2012-04-19 02:01:13
Want to buy a "Samsung Digimax i6 " digital camera , I learned that the panels are not strong enough, do not know the specific electrical charge can take many , video , you can shoot shot for how long? Thank you ! Other relevant information, as you are aware of , please advise , thanks to the first !
mp4 camera with the 300 million and 300 million digital cameras What is the difference2weasel2020-03-22 19:55:46
MP4 with camera 300 million and 300 million digital cameras What is the difference
Digital camera problems1Bigboy22020-06-08 00:30:49
Not long ago , my birthday from my uncle , sent a digital camera but did not know how to use AH. . Why shoot me in particular does not look good . Fortunately , just take a photo he sent Dora. It is quite obvious that the fine white beauty of my ugly fat became the dark eye , electric eye in a small , sweat what is the problem of light or other reasons , ah shot in the room, I learned that the camera is quite expensive, probably more than 2000 should be well on anyone teach me how to use AH . . [ A good answer points O (O _Ha! ]
Some of the problems of digital photos, professional enough progress1vollleybal gal 2011-12-27 23:39:19
If I use large photographs of the DC resolution, view photos on the computer when it reduced the time, photos can be added if the pixels. For example, a straight diagonal line, not immediately after the narrow, crowded together like pixels the same confusion. If this size of 6 inch photo print resolution photographs, appears as a display picture in pixels to reduce the chaotic situation? print photos, then? influential? instruction said to use 6-inch 1600X1200 resolution photo shoot why the images in the photo view screen 6 inches high so much? I placed the photos on the computer 1600X1200 reduced picture size of 6 inches and then cut after printing out, and the original 1600x1200 photo effect of it? 6:04 General Printing 6 photos size, right? but the options of the camera is 4:3 1600:1200 ah. How to deal with when you wash it? There will be a loss of picture or the picture is crushed? Or is not lost, while photographic images appearing on the white part? Like to see 10:09 4:03 monitor, as the film appears black from top to bottom edge. with the same camera. How many megapixels images allow six inches of saturation? If ten million pixel photos washed six inches, how would such a massive pixel processing to wash photo inches? Stack adjacent pixels together? Redness or six inch photographic printing effect and saturation of pixels with exactly the same? eight million pixel images are reduced when viewed on a computer, a close look at what becomes diagonal lines a little irregular, not smoothed. Why? If six inches are not printed in this situation? Print what? An eight million pixel photos at the computer screen and six-inch photo reduced to the same size, which is eight million pixels, right? I put this reduced the size of the photos after the cut six inches and six inches from the screen, however, but the lower right pixel? But in the definition of pre-cut in the screen, like, right? that if the original eight million after the photo and cut six inches from the small screen size photos by washing six inches, which clearly? Why? the small size of the images on the screen wash and as clear as it? cut six inches from the screen the number of pixels the size of the picture? washed maximum pixel images can be? six-inch screen small size of photos and eight million are in inches after washing what is the difference? eyes on it? theory and what is the difference?

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