"credit business": open shops to survive the human relations

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PROCEDURE in the county opened a number of features of small restaurants, pre Dongnuexijie has enough of the capital, small shops are not willing to spend large capital upgrade, simply open the sheets. Because small business is a true, PROCEDURES pay special attention to the cost of the store, large purchases of raw materials per day, small toothpicks, towels daily, the amount to be anything, there have been nearly all expenses. Zhang Shaohua shop selling alcohol until done, usually a lot of exchanges between friends. When he opened his studio friends are invited to a meal, a celebration of opening, the other he also wanted to introduce some friends after work and more families take care of some business relationships. So after the customer to dinner with friends ever offered naturally Needless to say, even more than the number of boxes of them filled with a good smoke, and even bring bottles of wine. Zhang Shaohua that, compared with the additional benefits of these customers, they no small money. Of course all very well, but the best memories long to find "friends" who often lack the customers to the store to eat, and almost every meal is a direct consequence "signature" to exit. Over time, the procedures in the hands of white bars is increasingly uncomfortable with friends, start mouth for the money, but then more and more loans outstanding, the turnover of the store is too clumsy, and had to hold police procedures for debt collection friends. "" Just to have a good meal to talk, but most of them are asked to push the three four hundred dollars for parts of the food seemed to harden our friendship is not worth worthwhile, but not a lot of bad debts. A look at the output end, the book on making $ 2 million, can the hands of only 3,000 yuan, the rest are signed promissory notes. Now Zhang Shaohua end of each year, once done cleaning the debts from the year against promissory notes as door to door, are "friends", according to resort to a few times unavoidable, in which they lost a large amount inside out. Zhang Shaohua, said now is so hard to keep the store, all are group of friends and acquaintances to the collapse. Chinese people pay attention to humans, but procedures such as small businessmen, entrepreneurs have to survive the onset of human relationships. Invite friends, pay attention to the rational and moderate cost control is the first, again, true friends and not because you're missing a few meals and entertaining talk about you behind the scenes is a miser.
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This seems to be very upset, afraid of these people and sometimes ashamed to be
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