Pissing seal lax, how do?

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Pissing with a division of the trap , only to find after the installation of closed water trap loose seal ( not fully closed ) , it appears that one end is high enough trap , leading to overflow odor. Is there any way to reload the premise of not solve the odor problem ? Furthermore, not want to use only the symptoms of deodorants , since the odor overflow containing a variety of noxious gases , so that the hope of cure.
Answer1QuentinAnswered at 2012-03-21 19:18:16
Method of treatment is very simple, to the hardware store or grocery store to buy a bottle or decorative materials , glass , plastic, water play in the joints where closed , click on it, because the glue is waterproof (made of glass fish tank made ​​with this glue , decoration, there are many places in the plastic bottle is far only 10 or so) , but in which the adhesive to pay attention , you should take the place of treatment joint clean water , rest assured ! I wish you all happy days ! If it is not sufficient due to the high end of the back caused by odor, and only re -substituted in case there is another problem , you can buy your home for inner and outer diameter of the same trap as tube now to attend , and then to your home theater now broken trap , glue the plastic tube you buy this add on it!
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