who are the bicycle parts buyer? pls contact me. related questions

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who are the bicycle parts buyer? pls contact me.2shadmanikerman 2012-03-21 02:10:36
My company is a professional manufacturer of bicycle parts in China , if you are looking for it pls contact me. Hebei Xinda Bicycle Co.Ltd MSN: [email protected] Amy
how do i find bicycle parts buyers3Anse2012-05-27 19:42:14
We manufactuer bicycle parts in Shenzhen , Guangdong , China ( mainland), which specialized in mountain bike parts and accessories.
I am tradeing beautiful commodities item, how could I contact buyer retailer and buyer?0Phoebe2012-10-02 13:08:02
I am supplying electronic products such as MP3 , digital photo frame , and decoration as crystal craft , art beads , gifts , furniture and trade and car hood . Welcome buyer contact me ! MedlinePlus Good high quality goods , as a fast horse expects a person of vision !
Obtaining bicycle parts at trade price for mobile repairman?0ktm2012-08-04 03:03:50
I have a friend starting his own business mobile bicycle repair . I am told that my Shimano to open an account is necessary , you must have a front retail store in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčcommercial influence You should store at least one new line of bikes from a bicycle wholesaler You must have a fully equipped workshop . Is there any way around this , so you can get Shimano parts through another provider at your expense, and this is a common practice for suppliers? I would have thought an ABN would be sufficient.
we need to contact cf moto re atv parts direct can1bear2012-03-21 22:54:21
, How to contact CF Moto for the issuance of shares in our products from customers both within Australia and Tasmania as Queeensland Internet providers in Australia do not have written over or only dishonorable prices
how to know the buyer contact details2Donalda2012-03-19 19:36:56
I want to find the buyer of apparel trimmings, how to contact them
If you are LED Diode buyer,you can contact us!1bruni2012-10-10 15:29:03
Hello my friends , We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of LED in Shenzhen , mainland China for 6 years. And as a company with a long tradition , we have ISO9001 , CE , RoHS and SGS , our products have been sold in a number of areas abroad. If you are interested in our LEDs , samples are sent to you for evaluation. And we will do our best to produce according to your needs , OEM welcome . Your reply kindly be greatly appreciated! Best Regards Shenzhen Highlight Electronics co . , Ltd. Email : [email protected] Skype : iamdevinxu Website: http://www.hlx-led.com/en http://hlx-led.en.alibaba.com
Need buyer for iphone parts in bulk?4'Nan Nan Da with 2012-03-18 20:33:15
Who are the best buyers of iPhones used for bulk items ? Who is paying the best price?
How do I find elevators parts buyer india?1ReJeana2012-11-04 03:11:02
How I can find parts buyer lifts India?
Professional carbon bicycles and bike parts, pls feel free to contact if you had any queries0vanny2012-07-09 06:13:02
We are a manufaturer who have been providing OEM carbon bicycle products since 1998 and now we also have many open/pubilc models for our new workhouse in Xiamen, China. Every piece of our product is designed and made according to EN standard. Our website:http://www.carbonal.cn Thanks and best regards. Jason Chen Email:[email protected]
I try to find for colored contact lense buyer information.1raja2012-09-21 15:36:02
I am a supplyer colered contact lens in Korea. I have a lot of stock. Please send me an email. I send you my list of products. I have 4 of the record of more than 40 articles . If any information . please let me know [email protected]
Where to find a qualified supplier of metal parts ,such as, terminals ,stamping parts,machining parts etc ?4Xanthe2012-01-01 20:46:20
We are a company of change in Malaysia, the products are exported mainly to Japan, so we need to high- end manufacturers qualifiled , stamping parts , machining parts. We have tried to search online , but I was disappointed. So is there someone I can support and give some useful information pls ? seek suppliers not only in China but also other areas.

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