Collected 10800 yuan of goods to be not sent to the person say to want give back to must make 11000 yuan of earnest money again how should I do to call the police directly? related questions

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Collected 10800 yuan of goods to be not sent to the person say to want give back to must make 11000 yuan of earnest money again how should I do to call the police directly?1Jasper.2012-03-21 00:31:33
Building ********* surface of cropland of blessing of Guangdong , Shenzhen city that piece of **** 74150 ****** 8399 0755-61 MP4 sells a beautiful song 52 songs ordered MP4 beautiful (8G ) with black gold edition 2-pin Manliang Niu ( 160g ) was added to the 10,800 yuan in payment for goods and collect payment for goods delivered in the past two years , I have kind of feeling in that time - was deceived. Zhang Phone Genwang consequence received a phone call that he also says he has this sort of thing , which he calls the link below , wait might hit 11,000 yuan want to make money in good faith once again in contrast with it again. However the need to say that it is formally me. Call back to him what he is biting what they say that the company states that have no method of death , I say, because I do not want money , withdraw payment of goods for me, the payment for goods that he claims to be capable of killing again only in part - sets the company. Investigated the company that he says on Baidu, found nothing in the fact that the company, should I call the police immediately , or contact the other side once again communicate? ? ? ? ? ? ?
When payment for goods had collected two days to call me to receive money, call however tell me to hand in money to do again even it is OK to keep gift pick up the goods. How should I do? Call the police?1Kindergarten ↘ 2012-06-26 19:33:02
I ordered the beautiful song HD900MP4 (8G ) 54 phase was 10,800 yuan Qian Hui gives me to call later that day by saying that the property has been sent. Turn one two-day meeting to inform that I will receive money. He spent two days a person calls me calls me to receive money in the past , the unit continued calls me once again the demand that will give 11,000 yuan said bail is formally say ! Shenzhen will hear incorrect call to say this, as he began to say that even without this , hit the past again a bit too much, while Shenzhen also said it too . That what I find to be deceived, is to see every person in the sincere start card connects it should be no problem now seems truly such circumstances should immediately call the police, still in contact with the connection that there new?
I was cheated 1500 yuan of payment for goods, the requirement after cheater gathering continues to make a money, requirement refund, close machine do not go up line. How should I recover payment for goods0Rroyd2012-10-19 15:43:55
I'm in Alibaba is small and wholesalers to be woken up in Fujian , the member company limited hardware sold 1,500 yuan decided locks, the other party has not paid treasure to order the card is obtained , after my card collected on the other hand, said that 2950 yuan send money however , the requirement includes 1450 yuan , I ask again to see the money remittance , the other party says no to follow to reach a point of not delivering the goods absolutely , reimbursement requirement , say they want me to wait 20 days, executioner machine is not received after hearing , also disappear online , cheat undoubtedly face is exposed , expert forgiveness , how you can recover payment for goods ? How can you stop cheating be punished ? Thank expert is solved.
I buy dress bank to make a money on Alibaba, the call says to want to make venture earnest money, the mobile phone does not pick up the telephone, how to do?1Little fool 〆2012-02-23 21:41:47
I can buy the clothing bank to make some money on Alibaba , the call says it wants to make money from serious risk, the mobile phone does not answer the phone , how do?
16-year-old students and other students of the 25 yuan to 1,100 yuan a television schools to participate in activities be lucky number 6,800 yuan bonus was told not to get personal, expert doubts1pony2012-03-18 05:54:51
Students 16 years of age, and other students of the yuan to 25 yuan per 1,100 schools television to participate in activities lucky number is 6,800 yuan bonus said he did not receive personal doubts , experts
I made Yu Jie make 500 yuan of payment for goods to what vernal furnace provides Shandong Linyi but did not take arrive, how to do?0Angel Eyes2012-11-04 07:30:49
I am the connection way that the information that the relevant furnace that sees on the net that clean out treasure vernal furnace provides Shandong Linyi provides got each other, had the knowledge to their product, took the telephone call of the other side, I also make choice of their product namely furnace is provided, this thinking that Shandong person is quite generous, did not want to gave him to hit 500 yuan subscription in the bank directly more so, let its deliver goods, also I seek freight company, freight company can arrive with respect to 3 days of two goods, does after is the Xu Yujie that provided with vernal furnace Feburary 28, 2010 contacted, its acceptance say goods already was given out arrive in Tuesday 3 namely in March 2010 2 go to 3 to you can get money but did time already pass me to contact its to say with freight company nowadays 28 that day?
The replenish onr's stock in A sells the home not to support pay treasure, call me to collect money directly, although there is chatting record in A, he assures quality goods, and be willing to return money, can you believe?0kaytlyn2012-07-15 20:34:02
I find an inn to want in A wholesale, but sell the home not to support pay treasure to pay, call me direct remittance past. Such my risks are bigger, but the chatting record that there are I and boss in A, he assures quality goods, and be willing to return money, I want to ask, is the chatting record in A reliable? Resemble such circumstance, if I am encountered really is cheater, can you still accuse him? Dress of flourishing of flourishing of “ Guangzhou gold is wholesale company ” is this inn. If you help my fish,this is domestic cheater company, cancel his shop in A instantly please. Thank ~
Money to, did not give goods, money can look back?1Sarah Mae B. Oquindo2012-07-27 01:19:02
The day before yesterday for the first time I played 300 yuan, more than 10 points today, there was a man called to say the goods arrived, so I hit 800, he gave me a 800 cargo passed, and there to shut down, and I will check in the end of the are not easily spare them, have my single receipt at the bank today, and chat records.
Does the mobile phone fill a value to get stuck 2 fold [10000 yuan - 100000 yuan] but can?1Gueeta Kakar 2012-05-30 03:23:50
Does the mobile phone stuck to fill a value twice [ 10000-100000 yuan yuan ] , but you can ?
I bought 1000 yuan thing, sell the home to did not pay treasure, ask I pay directly, such safety?1Dats丹其这是救世主的男士;世界领袖英雄豪æ2012-04-14 18:26:09
I bought 1,000 yuan , sell the house for not paying the treasure , have to pay directly , such as security ?
Does the process of pegging yuan to dollar not devalue the yuan?0dayna2012-10-06 16:03:43
The Chinese have pegged their currency , the yuan to the U.S. dollar . Although China eliminated absolute parity in 2005 , still remains the yuan effectively pegged to the dollar . Several U.S. representatives complain China celebrates its currency artificially below its real value compared to the dollar . However, if you think of the pairing process , the yuan remains undervalued not . Usually, properly valued. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Think of the process of setting the value - If China wants to maintain parity artificially despite its trade surplus with the U.S. Have to sell yuan and buy dollars to maintain parity . This means that they will flood the market with more yuan creating inflation in the country , and take up more dollars. They print more yuan if necessary , in order to flood the market with yuan . This will effectively reduce the value of the yuan in the market, which again in proportion to the dollar as before. So is properly valued yuan against the dollar at parity . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, at any given point in time , the yuan should be properly assessed the value of the dollar peg. Not to be underestimated , which means that one would not be able to buy the yuan and expected returns to hold on to it for a while , when it returns to its correct value . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why economists , politicians and investors say that the Chinese yuan artificially undervalued ?
Business haze bilk I am 780 yuan, I called the police, how does the detailed data that there is her do?0 집합 가변명사 2012-09-29 16:26:02
Lan Shang undesirable home sale says paragraph reaches deliver goods , I give 780 yuan remittances . Guangzhou Zhongshan arrives . Midway money jumps a serious risk that the contents spill says call me hand in 2000 yuan only send money to my hand . Knew to be deceived . Give without remittances . I called the police today. Made note. How detailed information you have been Lan Shang do now instead ?

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