How the United States and Europe driving test

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How the United States and Europe, the test drive
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You can at home for an international driver's license may well be on the local bourse. Europe can not test the general theory. But there is a road test. Road test you have to give money to the coaches, according to 1 hour and 1 hour of buying the fighter trainer time coaches see what their level before it can be exam time. Traffic laws in Europe and China, but there are many different, having a large number of "priority traffic rights", for example, pedestrians, trams, buses, etc.. Therefore, although the books not test the theory, but also depends on the theory. The test is very strict, not like China, Zhao Shuren to drag ratio. It is also necessary to understand the local language, or a coach can not communicate with you. China has no "international driver's license," the Chinese do not realize "international driver's license." The fact, the "international license" is a misunderstanding in the consciousness of the reality of cross-border use to "international driver's license" does not exist. "International Driver's License" The call is actually the translation notarized a real driver's license documents, in actual use, but also with a driver's license for use Real Madrid. China driver license has been recognized by most countries, the owner to keep the Chinese driver license for driving abroad, just before leaving and make a notarized translation of the license files Chinese lead, under notarial documents and Chinese driver's license in some countries may lead, or can be applied to the local driver's license, temporary. Specific to the United States say? Because the United States each state has its own legislature and the legislature, so that state laws vary. The following are the relevant regulations of the United States in foreign driver's license: January 1968 Island Michigan law does not allow the license to drive abroad, 2, other continents allowed some time, but it is necessary to provide a translation English have been accredited and licensing attorney at the notary. For the owner, provided that before leaving the country to find a notary public in their license translated and notarized in China, the United States, divided into three safe: 1, Michigan, can not be used, can not drive (unless you get a local driver's license) 2, in some states, the celebration of the original driver's license, certified translation of documents and driver's license, can drive. 3, in some states, the strength of the original driver's license, notarized translation of documents and driver's license, join the local traffic regulations in the training and testing, you can receive a provisional license, the period provisional license, you can drive. Indeed, the international call driver's license, driver's license is not really, in fact, is a certified translation of documents and, when used in other countries, should be with the original license. Support for the "national license" in some countries can lead. However, in most countries, but also through the examination of local traffic laws in order to obtain a temporary license to drive. First, the holding of foreign driving license, international driving license can drive in Canada? Newcomers and short-term visitors are most concerned about is "I can get a foreign license or international driving license in Canada?" You have to like the answer. "Can" A valid foreign driver's license, you can open in these six months, without any formality. More than six months or more, here the license should be replaced. If a valid international driver's license, you can open up to one year. About International driver license, consider: the international driving license must be used with the original license is issued the same country, while the original driver's license is also valid. If your original license (eg, China) has expired, the international driving license is meaningless. If your original license is China, and has the international license issued by another country, but also meaningless. International driver's license can not be converted into Canadian driver's license. However, in practice, the above mentioned rule is difficult to fully. For example, for some reason is blocked by the police to check drivers license, find your foreign driver's license, police generally do not cross-examine to come here to live much longer. You come with an international driver's license, the police do not necessarily have to present your original driver's license is not. Although in practice there is some ambiguity, however, the parties themselves, or what the rules should be clear to avoid the hassle of trying to avoid. Holder of a foreign driving license can lead not only here, you can also rent a car. However, some rental companies because the Chinese can not read your license can be a little hesitant. While one must understand the presence of Chinese people, the general leased to you. Visitors to hire foreign countries is a very common thing, or each airport rental cars there are so many booths do? Friends of China, car rental can be much more difficult is the lack of credit card use outside China. And certainly not rent a car without a credit card. (We are not here to collect this account, the cash and the like, provided your credit card and driver's license.) While holding foreign driving license to drive, you have to prove here, sooner or later, local driver's license. This is because the license is not only a driving license is a common identity. Want ID (identification), while driving to be enough. The driver's license has your name, date of birth, address, photo, picturedID is real (with my photo ID.) Then, driving license not to ID? No driver's license can make a special personal identification, driver's license looks like Tingxiang, but it is not. Even people who did not, the day Chuaizhuo passport is required. However, driving license when dealing with people, people will think you're from Mars. So how do you have a driver's license here, as soon as evidence of proof of late. Second, the current driving test, the United States and Japan in the driver's license can be transferred directly to the driver's license, BC, Canada. The driver's license in other countries, to replace a driver's license BC Provincial, must pass exams. Later in this article talk about the process of driving test. The United States and
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