Pay attention to seven indoor wood Acceptance

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Pay attention to the seven interior wood Acceptance
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1 , the seal line gap wooden moldings, decorative seams waist panels does not touch the mouth of 0.2 mm, the seam line and the clamp mouth is not greater than 0.3 mm , decorative panels and the panels not touching the mouth of 0.2 mm , the error is not the whole sliding surface to 0.3 mm. 2 , the inspection of the structure is straight flat construction . If the horizontal or vertical, the law must be straight woodworking practices are flat. 3 , the corner to check the accuracy of the corner. Normal angle is 90 degrees , except for special design factors . 4, look Parquet is firm and precise . Hardwood correct, to do with each other , or to maintain a separation distance seamlessly unified . 5 , the shape of the curvature and roundness checking whether the smart smooth . Besides individual, the number of the same shape, but also to ensure a consistent way . In case of ensuring the formation of the surface of the projects for woodworking , with the drum or no breakage. Symmetry of woodworking projects should be symmetrical. 6, test the door switch cabinet door is normal. Doors open , should be easy to handle , no sound different. 7, the structure of nail holes in the roof with nails, you need to put in the nail holes coated with rustproof paint .
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