Construction issues: how to solve the line winding can not spare

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Construction problems : how to solve the winding of the line can not do without
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Related Recommendation: Second-hand housing wall of reference of the instance of the transformation take instructions for the transfer of new wiring issue , but the old line about how pumping ? The analysis of a case in alignment too intertwined , or line Shui dead , will not be difficult to remove the phenomenon. Another is the poor quality of the casing , buried in wall collapse crack appears , it will happen . Solution 1 in kit threaded tubes , no more than four years , the alignment should not become entangled in parallel. Subline utility encountered the junction box , if necessary , leave the manhole. 2 wire casing to choose the quality and hardness of a good group of hard PVC hoses , buried in the walls to withstand the pressure generated inside or on the ground. 3-wire line and connectors are prohibited.
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