windows XP boot screen changes like the country? related questions

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windows XP boot screen changes like the country?1Bblythe2012-03-20 20:53:01
I just got the boot screen after loading the user's system log entry box is embedded in the XP screen appears (not to say I do not understand. ) However, with a period of time, do not know how participate in, and now a login window users can be dragged into a state of mind was very beautiful , the closure is the same. What teacher to say that the brother is to adjust the screen , how can we change the original image?
Before entering the Welcome screen boot black screen1Hoga2012-03-18 02:44:11
Each time you boot, after shooting the black slider to 10 seconds before entering the welcome screen , I wonder if this is normal, or what is wrong .
I always pop up at boot time how to solve the WINDOWS folder, ah? Please, everybody! ! ! !2Gustava2022-01-12 19:30:04
Always appear at the start of how to resolve the Program Files folder , right? Please , everyone ! ! ! !
Why does my computer a black screen when boot1Edwii2011-12-29 08:23:03
These days usually begin the process of a sudden blank screen and click the reset button to restart, only good, so I do not know how it happens , tell me how! ! 1 Thank you ! ! !
Computer opened windows messanger to come out to, how to set it does not start automatically boot it?1*ģ�����*���K�* 2012-01-07 23:18:06
Team opened Windows Messenger to come to , how to set that does not start automatically boot ?
Boot Display loading c: windows system32 wxoyna18.dll error0Naresh Jafar2012-11-02 03:01:03
Boot Display loading c: windows system32 wxoyna18.dll error can not find the specified module. Is how going on??? Urgent ~ ~ ~
On boot the screen is all DELETE hold Who knows what these mean in English Yes1Beache2012-01-29 05:54:56
I know this machine inside makes all the sense in English Who knows what this means to help me fight it for me Thanks
Desktop screen appears during the boot process1Lawrenc2012-03-12 02:33:54
I was watching online desktop screen , which had made ​​directly to the background screen , and later appeared in the boot process at this screen, and then the machine is opened. The Lord's way to postpone it?
A boot on my computer there c: windows system32 stvzuz73.dll not load, do not know which shrimp help me to solve, thanks!0Elizabeth R.2012-07-29 08:27:58
L7 Brush fails, boot screen, click on off lights0Channel2012-07-26 10:13:02
L7 Brush failure, boot screen, click on the light is off, you have no friends help out, thanks
I woud like to buy a robust tablet pc without touch screen with windows o/s1ewe2011-12-30 11:25:21
I am looking to Tablet PC with a split keyboard and mouse physical as Samsung Q1 Ultra tablet.
My XP-SP2 system can play CS1. 5, but as long as the play CS1. 6 interface will just boot into the black screen of death1Mrs. Adams2012-08-15 09:13:33
I can play the original XP system CS1. 6, but then re- install the system, installed Kaspersky 6. 0, CS1. 5 can play, but is CS1. 6 can not play , simply click the CS1. 6 A black screen of death is not reflected in any key. . . Only reboot. . My card is NVMX440 , the original system is XP Why I can play ? I am a Century 98 liters for the XP -SP2, the installation process has been no error of PCI BUS SYSTEM MANGER . . . . Oh, I do not know how the case , please , oh expert help . . . . Thank you very much . . . . .

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