What is the learning process a driver's license? Learn what, learn, learn B2 is not to be 22 years of age?

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What is the learning process a driver's license ? Learn what , learn, learn B2 not be 22 years old?
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First registration fee, typically 2000 (ie, about one third of total cost), then go to the pictures in the Motor Vehicle Administration, the medical examination (which we will pay, dozens of blocks), and then the coaches will give a book one of the exam topics, go back to the first look, here you sign up to go to wait for the examination, examination subjects of a pass is 90 points, with proof of team, a total of 100 questions, a question of a sub, sub questions - and false multiple choice questions in two parts, one can test the network before the simulation in the first test subjects after one had to start the platform formation stage, the issues to test two new requirement is now nine points: home Banpo, stop point, a downshift one hundred Mega, S-shaped road, right angle turn, speed over bridge side door width on the disk, the parking lot side. Here are some mandatory, some are Choukao, but after all this is to practice the art, therefore, is to master all the best! After the second course had to start online Lianju stage depends primarily on three road courses is also required to master more things, including: environmental monitoring around the front of the car, car inspection instruments performance of the vehicle, before starting to look left, right rear view mirror, when fighting off the lights, change files must be timely, so they resort to playing in front of the mirrors signals in turn mirror observed three seconds after the call direction and stop when the first observation of the turn signals of mirrors, parking, neutral place to pull the handbrake off ... ... so a lot of details. If subjects have not seen in a country free of makeup, items II and III should not have to pay a fee of makeup (fee varies), and set a time for wasting time waiting, so it is their practice of good coach to help you leave a little test! All the best!
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