Robes Who invented?

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Who knows who invented dress in what year?
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People in the 20 century this dress, women's clothing comes from the Manchu Qing Dynasty, the Han Chinese women to wear Western-style clothing to absorb the continuous improvement of stereotypes. The change was not complicated. Since the 20th century, the late 20's and 40 Chinese cheongsam fashion for over 20 years, and his style has changed several times, such as the neck, sleeve length, the height of the slots, by what dress to get rid of the old style, long-term changes in Chinese women to revive hip wrap bra, so that the female body and the curves of the full screen is suitable for the prevailing fashion, to establish a successful release of women. One of the green cloth dress like most female students at once popular throughout the country. Cheongsam almost became the birth of new China in the late 20's traditional dress of women. It is also worth mentioning that, when the trend of the ten leading apparel in foreign markets in the modern girl, the ladies of communication and movie stars, the unconventional style of dress, also contributed to the development of cheongsam. Since 30 years, the qipao became the standard of China women's clothing, women organizations, students, workers, the wife of officers, all dressed. Hem in social situations and diplomatic activities of the dress. Later, cheongsam spread to other countries, is to follow Western women wear. Development to date have been many styles cheongsam dress, with the popularity of retro fashion, cheongsam interesting reinterpretation of the past. Chinese clothing culture as an important part of the dress has a long history, a symbol of Chinese civilization, left the elegance of women in Asia, continued innovation is still in style, shine in the fashion field.
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