CCTV anchor behind the fashion feminine beauty photos

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CCTV anchor behind the photos of beautiful women's fashion
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women anchors behind the fashion photo CCTV CCTV charming is the most authoritative, the most influential TV stations , but also the love of broadcasting, because of those who presided over the highest temple . CCTV , skills , teachers like the clouds , the host of pictures of the hundreds of beautiful women all, they are the leader of the country , and excellent professional skills, the good image and temperament , along with a beautiful landscape CCTV . News Haixia the evening the whole family to Fenglin Guo Fang Qiong The Global Report on Hongmei anti- space-time warp and weft Your Jing Yidan moved to China, China Film reported that the first time that Bing Shen Ouyang Shardan Press
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