Indication screen desktop becomes my computer suddenly transverse, did not know what to press, how to restore related questions

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Indication screen desktop becomes my computer suddenly transverse, did not know what to press, how to restore1Carling2012-03-19 03:14:14
Desktop display screen becomes my computer suddenly cross did not know what the press , how to restore
My computer moves in close automatically suddenly machine, mains switch starts computer not, indication screen shows input without signal, seemed to be installed what makes it is not started1Gustava2012-03-07 00:02:36
My computer suddenly moves automatically close the machine, network switch does not start computer, the display shows no signal input , seemed to be installed which makes not started
The indication screen when computer uses TV to join with what data line, what device to perhaps use?0Carson2012-10-01 01:23:02
The display indicates when the computer uses TV to join with what data line , what device to use , perhaps?
I think group of indication screen that a 4000 yuan computer wants liquid crystal to tell me how to be configured1moccasin2012-01-02 02:32:26
I think the group of the screen indicates that at 4000 yuan liquid crystal team wants to tell me how to configure
My computer desktop has a black border, I want to go at the beginning of it. Press properties, and then how to do that?1Lawrenc2012-01-07 05:20:58
My desktop has a black edge , I go to start it. Click Properties and then how?
How should I remove a boot your computer and then press to enter the user name that is recognized to the desktop?0Soul Redeemer 2012-10-20 15:41:49
I want my computer to begin, then press to enter the user name that is recognized on the desktop , which is the welcome screen , how to get rid of ah ?
When my computer is started Cpu Fan Error Press F1 To Resume shows on screen! It is how to return a responsibility excuse me, ask ace to give directions!1Vikki2012-09-17 22:10:03
Computer shows to load C: on the firm desktop that startThe fault is accused to cannot find appointed module when PROGRA~1YOU.COM SUPERS~1YOU_SUPERSEARCH.DLL
Task column cannot move the lowermost after my computer switchs on the mobile phone to did not answer the thing that presses a desktop to await the 10 programs that before just moving in a few minutes, press all the time1Hikaru which you put っ → 2012-02-26 20:28:50
The column of tasks can not move lower after my PC switches on the mobile phone for not responding to the press of a desk waiting for the 10 programs before moving in only a few minutes, pressing all the time
Computer does not have a law to use actor dish, right new hardware of indication discovery of horny small icon, but be in " my computer " inside do not show piece, how to return a responsibility?1goat 2012-03-10 01:29:09
What I use is " conferring administrator" , then you can still get a new USB interface hardware in " My Computer " still can not display. It is urgent ! ! ! Ask everyone to help solve the next,oh ! A special thanks ! Digital camera , MP3 , portable hard drive has no law to use. Ask for help as the team . Thank you !
U disk directly to suddenly disconnect from the computer and computer disks, respectively, of U What is the harm?1Georgia2011-12-30 19:34:25
Often they do, but it seems that things are not
TV suddenly black screen2aksharta2015-07-03 01:07:12
TV suddenly black screen, only power lights, sounds, images gone. With expert guidance, please click:
Konka LCD TV suddenly black screen, green light is normal.1Jenny2012-02-13 06:31:23
The evening watching the TV screen suddenly black , the indicator light is a normal display of green, black after turning off restart , can be the same , no images , sounds , does not know evil exists , we know where the response to the bad.

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