Can i believe this company who accept only Western union payment? related questions

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Can i believe this company who accept only Western union payment?1antilope2012-03-18 21:53:57
Hello I went on alibaba to buy a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 , so I posted in the section of buyers and few hours later , someone will respond with the shipping process. But because last week someone sent me not my product after I paid him I wonder if someone as already done a deal with them ? Here are details of the company : Name on alibaba : Lotron Ltd Information sent me : Name and Head Office: TRADING 24-7 ( Europe) Limited 40 Locks Heath CENTRE CENTER WAY Locks Heath SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE UNITED KINGDOM SO31 6DX Company No. 07129395 Tel No # : +447024095614 Thanks for the answers
Why are suppliers that only accept payment via Western Union allowed to conduct business on Alibaba?3Sandy2012-03-22 00:53:01
As much as Western Union charges a customer to send money somewhere, you would think that would provide greater consumer protection through Western Union as payment method for Internet commerce . After recently being scammed twice by the same individual, for a total of $ 1,000 , I learned of the many reasons for not using this as a payment method the hard way . There must be a method of payment available to customers who are afraid to send money to a company they had never done business with before it is safer and offers more protection for someone like me who was recently shopping first international . Alibaba warns consumers to be warned against doing business with a company that only accepts payment through Western Union .... however, Alibaba is the same reason that are capable of carrying out their fraudulent in the first place. Certainly , it gives me mixed signals about this site and any future transactions that take place here.
Has anyone dealt with Bashir Impex? If a company only wants western union or moneygram is it a scam?1BraveBeast - Xoide ( 2012-08-13 19:08:02
Has anyone dealt with Bashir Impex ? If a company only wants Western Union or MoneyGram is a scam ?
Western Union0Bababa2012-07-30 16:36:02
Why do we have to use Western Union as a payment method from Australia. A sample shirt we were buying cost $43.00 but the money transfer was $20.00 AUD, it is not worth the cost as we can buy the same thing for $45.00 here in Australia. There must be a cheaper way of trading.
Have been scammed via Western Union10Clemen2012-02-12 02:24:36
Hello ! < / P > I think I've been cheated by Alan Bennett from A & K Electronics, Inc. < / a>. < / P > I'm not sure if you are really involved in this scam. He suggested I pay for ship through WU, and writes on behalf of any transaction I want, then I had to give him the MTCN number and the sender's name only. After he wrote the MTCN and sender name (name of recipient was different from mine , and was written in my friend). < / P > Before giving the information that I could see on the site of WU money "is availble " but after I wrote that I saw in the same place as "the money collected" how is this possible? How could he get the money unless you know the recipient's name . < / P> I asked him if he has the money , but he wrote , not recevie . < / P> If anyone knows the answear or suggestions on how to return the money from WU please write. < / P > Thanks many. < / P >
western union buyer protection0Taliah2012-07-07 18:37:01
Is it suspicious when a seller wants western union money transfer as only payment option? I am new at this and need some advice about it.
Western union, paypal, moneybookers?0jimmy junior2012-08-02 18:32:02
I am selling a wow account for 350$ over a money trade service. I here alot about scamming since the scammer can get refunds on virtual goods. The transaction will go like this. 1.I give username and pass ( all he can do is delete char.. but why, can get stuff back anywhos ) 2. he pays 3. When i receive cash he changes info and deal is sealed. What could possibly go wrong and what is the best service for this?
dispost mony in western union or monygram1no comment2012-02-10 16:51:29
hello the Scramm use this deposit so the money from Western Union or Money Gram in the name of Ur and when l delivery of goods or will u will go back and change the recipient's name to my name so that l will be able to make money here u can do so quickly so I can make a referral dont harmony Deposit Western Union or harmony Gramm
can i accept this payment ?10Denni2011-12-23 06:06:36
I have a new customer in Russia , this is our first business, but the request of customers to pay through the bank within 90 days from the date of Bill. the total amount is USD30000 . I can accept this payment ? Thank you for your kind reply in advance
accept payment by American Express card ?1yak2012-06-18 06:04:34
We accept payment by American Express credit card ?
Shanghai charming Western-style clothes acts the role of limited company to whether have this company1Elizabeth2012-05-23 02:10:40
Shanghai luxury Western-style clothing acts the role of limited liability company if the company has
Do republicans love their non-union company?2Amy2012-09-24 09:35:03
Do Republicans love their non - union of the company? Do you enjoy the lowest pay and health benefits? What about training enough? What about trying to become a director or executive, which is remote and is mainly occupied by the family and / or friends. Republicans say hell no to a 40 to 60% increase if they were a union, compared to their nonunion greedy employers? Treasure the most gains, while employees have no access to the balance sheet of firms, CF and income. Do you love your boss can fire you for "anything", what has nothing to do with work Large private employers greedy bear excessive rules and regulations, which is a way to squeeze out smaller players, which then depended on them.Funny how easy it was to start a business of more than 20 years ago, but now day is virtually impossible. I will be able to retire early, while more and more attracts educated proletarian must depend on your employer for some chicken shit paycheck! I find it absolutely pathetic that the low-wage workers will rat on their co-workers a few dollars whooping $ 10, while the CEOs of Goldman Sachs can basically get away with it! Some unions have no value, while unions as FedEx / UPS / ba and others have been very good for long-term shareholder equity and wonderful to stakeholders.I has a degree in finance, however, was less than top management has the final word on the business! U.S. never be able to compete with Chinese overhead extremely low, while "some" Republicans rejoice in your employer provides less and less! I love to trade / invest my own actions, however, all that matters is whether I can make money doing it! I'm addicted to commodity! I do not listen to snotty nose brat kids who think they know everything, but I like the comments of Jim Rogers, David Einhorn and more!

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