What should not be placed in the entrance door, please enlighten me feng shui master

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If you put a shoe is indoor air pollution, how to deal with this problem I do, kind of question about how to add a potted plant , how it defends the anti- drain
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In Buddhism, known as the gateway to humanity. Buddhist Scriptures ". Top Holy wide circulation in the eye" and residential structures, especially homes are outside the front door is out of the house must pass through Asia an important part of traditional architecture. 1. The living room below the entry of the interval should be solid, to prevent leakage, above the transparent base. Therefore, the frosted glass shelf can be transparent or hollow and the like. 2. The entrance to the living room of the interval should not be too high or too low, but should be moderate. Generally, the most suitable height of two meters, following cabinets and the like can be done, high eighty-eight centimeters. Shelf above, and the like may be used, if asked each entry hall is too high, where there will be pressure on the body. 3. The entrance to the living room light should not be dark outside, and most of the residential entry, no natural lighting, side lighting, so that rack their brains. In addition to the interval should adopt a more transparent frosted glass, the lounge there is free air inlet most of natural light, using the interior lights to remedy. 4. The entrance to the living room should be kept clean and fresh, if too much debris piled around, not only make the living room look cluttered, but also an impact on the residential Feng Shui. 5, general admission, not to close the windows in the input can be configured to solve a chandelier or ceiling lights, then buy more lights, wall lamps, fluorescent lamps and other light sources for the auxiliary. You can also use a bit of light up to turn a small fire to make the decoration and embellishment. 6, the entrance wall, preferably in warm, neutral tones, give people a soft, comfortable, people soon forget the chaos of the external environment, appreciate the warmth of home. 7, placed at the entrance of the furniture should not affect the principle of access for the owner. If the size of the room is too small, can take advantage of Digui, footwear and other furniture to expand the storage space. 8, so that entry, taking into account both functional and decorative can not be ignored. Even a small pot of daisies, a family photo, a pretty mood of the landscape, which can trigger a kind of special for the entry of the effect of 9, the entrance to the ground with materials resistant to wear, easy to clean characteristics.
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