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Before entering the Welcome screen boot black screen1Hoga2012-03-18 02:44:11
Each time you boot, after shooting the black slider to 10 seconds before entering the welcome screen , I wonder if this is normal, or what is wrong .
Why does my computer a black screen when boot1Edwii2011-12-29 08:23:03
These days usually begin the process of a sudden blank screen and click the reset button to restart, only good, so I do not know how it happens , tell me how! ! 1 Thank you ! ! !
My XP-SP2 system can play CS1. 5, but as long as the play CS1. 6 interface will just boot into the black screen of death1Mrs. Adams2012-08-15 09:13:33
I can play the original XP system CS1. 6, but then re- install the system, installed Kaspersky 6. 0, CS1. 5 can play, but is CS1. 6 can not play , simply click the CS1. 6 A black screen of death is not reflected in any key. . . Only reboot. . My card is NVMX440 , the original system is XP Why I can play ? I am a Century 98 liters for the XP -SP2, the installation process has been no error of PCI BUS SYSTEM MANGER . . . . Oh, I do not know how the case , please , oh expert help . . . . Thank you very much . . . . .
VK900-screen slide and half the screen turns white, what is the line or the screen itself is the problem?1Humphre2012-03-08 01:12:22
My cell phone : VK900 just bought three months , but today I ran into a problem when half of the screen slides and become white, the other half is the animation of the normal screen , words basically not open the cover this problem occurs , consult experts in the end is where the problem occurs , the line? The screen ? or a virus? How I can handle this?
windows XP boot screen changes like the country?1Bblythe2012-03-20 20:53:01
I just got the boot screen after loading the user's system log entry box is embedded in the XP screen appears (not to say I do not understand. ) However, with a period of time, do not know how participate in, and now a login window users can be dragged into a state of mind was very beautiful , the closure is the same. What teacher to say that the brother is to adjust the screen , how can we change the original image?
On boot the screen is all DELETE hold Who knows what these mean in English Yes1Beache2012-01-29 05:54:56
I know this machine inside makes all the sense in English Who knows what this means to help me fight it for me Thanks
Desktop screen appears during the boot process1Lawrenc2012-03-12 02:33:54
I was watching online desktop screen , which had made ​​directly to the background screen , and later appeared in the boot process at this screen, and then the machine is opened. The Lord's way to postpone it?
L7 Brush fails, boot screen, click on off lights0Channel2012-07-26 10:13:02
L7 Brush failure, boot screen, click on the light is off, you have no friends help out, thanks
HALF OF THE SCREEN IS BLACK CAN U SAY ME FROM WHAT0 ⿴ 尛 President Sister: Female ↗ 47 -2012-04-16 07:01:53
TV suddenly black screen2aksharta2015-07-03 01:07:12
TV suddenly black screen, only power lights, sounds, images gone. With expert guidance, please click:
How the computer screen displayed on the TV screen at the same time?1Leslie2012-03-18 04:21:06
Originally with a VGA to TV with S terminal . Want your computer desktop appears on television , where the values ​​? You click on My Computer Properties or attributes?
Black screen after reinstall the system what1toxic alien 2012-03-25 01:38:02
Black screen after reinstalling the system

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