Associate this, have two hard disk, think hard disk backup. related questions

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Associate this, have two hard disk, think hard disk backup.1partridge2011-12-30 23:14:13
Associate this, you have two hard drives that backup hard drive. Those who choose the same size, if it can come true , no matter how hard you can work normally. Point not to change the setting to the BIOS.
Ask for advice: The +250 G hard disk mobile hard disk box, how to partition a laptop?1Tina2012-03-13 01:20:32
I use the old book, PII550 , the OS is Win2K , USB 1.0 interface is the use of mobile hard drive enclosure ( USB interface ) 250 G hard drive space to expand on how to partition a laptop? What software? Steps How? Need help, thank you very much
The entire hard disk with GHOST (60G) copy to another hard disk (80G), so can it work? Or must be as big?1ABIGAIL 2012-05-22 18:41:21
The entire hard drive with Ghost ( 60G ) copy to another hard disk (80 GB ), so it can work ? Or should it be so big?
Motorola V220 can be used as U disk mobile hard disk, or you1Kalil2012-05-30 02:48:21
As the title
My mobile U disk, there is not open: The computer has found a new hard disk access, but were double-click to open display "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open1Benso2012-04-19 23:12:34
My mobile U disk , is not open : The team has found a new hard disk access , but were double- click to open the "Please insert a disk into drive E" how to open
SATA hard drives individuals to buy good or better IDE hard disk1Georgina2012-03-04 22:54:33
My hard disk cannot be opened show above ~ broadcast automatically! Click right key to choose to open ability to be able to open disk ~ to consult ace this is virus! ! !1Norbert2012-01-29 04:55:11
My hard disk can not be opened over broadcast automatically show ~! Right click to choose to open the ability to open the disk ~ as to refer to this is the virus! ! !
My computer is to associate domestic acute D2036A wants to upgrade, how to upgrade excuse me. Hard disk / memory / show card to wait highest how much can you rise?1elephant2012-02-09 21:26:09
My team is to associate internal acute D2036A want to improve, how to update forgiveness. HDD / memory / card that can wait up how much ?
Scan for viruses on your computer hard drive often will damage it? Because every time I look at the computer scan the hard disk are working non-stop, same as now with BT1Calvin2012-03-15 03:52:24
Scanning for viruses on your computer hard drive often gets damaged? Because every time I look in the computer hard drive scan are working around the clock , as now with BT
How the hard disk becomes so small?1Mavis2012-03-27 21:56:49
40G drive was originally , now available only 29 G , so that normal?
Hard disk is very slow0tonya mcdonald2012-07-11 01:14:05
My computer has two hard disk one is rare nimble 80G one is several 80G are on the west 7200 turn why can after my computer used two hard disk, slow detect with software individual without bad path the rate that uses hard disk is very rapid it is excuse me why
Hard disk problem1Louise2012-02-04 00:51:49
Hard disk problem

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