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Asked at 2011-12-28 00:02:16
Or in the tomato garden in jujumao XP system installation , copy files to complete (100% ), the system automatically restarts , and CD- ROM again , this time , the installation CD to reinstall the interface original. Please advise : At this time , Can you remove the installation CD ? Or allow the system to continue the installation until it completes ? forgive me, I was ah rookie
Answer1TessAnswered at 2011-12-28 05:49:51
If 98.2000 , installation of Windows XP , the overall process is as follows : Run the installation CD, disk partition check , select the installation partition , copy the installation files on the installation partition , restart the computer , copy the system partition for installation on the setup file to run the automatic call system installation , when prompted to insert the installation disk , install the CD- ROM in the pack. You must remove the installation CD to restart the machine, so there is no problem, and said than done.
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