How to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

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100 to 300 words or less, the best spots on the list.
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1 day, 9-10 am, 2-4 pm window ventilation point, the particles of air pollution during this time, at least, is conducive to indoor air purification. 2, in the new home before the stay, each room to place a bowl of vinegar to kill bacteria burned, stay, you can put some plants in the room, such as Chlorophytum (large), Brazil and other trees. Also available in the cabinet, corner living room and put some charcoal and other places. 3, try to stay in the room again a little less, for example: In the morning you can walk after dinner with his family for a walk. They serve two purposes, namely, breathing fresh air, increased emotional communication between family members. 4, for the department of environmental testing professionals on testing indoor air quality, then buy air purifiers are also available. The renewal of my new house was completed in May last year, I went in February this year, stay, stay at home before the sense of taste is not for much, but I'm not sure, from 5.1 to known about freedom in the interior through the inspection, the situation may be (When mounting hardware is very strict with my checks.) Experts said the overall air pollution indoors at least 5-6 years before the fall, there is no good way to concrete. Vacant for some time to live the best people. Ah defenseless! Indoor pollution: pollution prevention and building environmental protection decoration materials Some important tips and how indoor air pollution - the enlightened future. Good indoor environmental protection should take into account the following aspects: 1, ready room decorated friends should choose titles, formal decoration company. Use non-toxic, safe, pollution-free, decorative materials to decorate your room, buy furniture, manufacturers' brands to choose products, 2, buy and furnish their new apartment, do not rush to stay, you should hear expert opinion, choosing the right length of stay, 3, selected for efficient purification of indoor air, according to the living room, kitchen and bathroom the use of different air pollutants devices have different cleaning functions, such as air purifiers, exhaust, ozone disinfection, etc. 4 attention to windows and doors sealed, select the time window ventilation to prevent contamination of room air, 5, to minimize the possibility of smoking in the room, so that less smoke or not smoke at the same time, to remind the family of the elderly, sick, pregnant women and children have to pay attention to protecting the indoor environment. II. How to meet environmental requirements for selection? In general, most of the decorating materials are inorganic materials safe and harmless, like the keel and accessories, general profiles, tiles, glass and other traditional decoration materials and chemical composition of organic matter is part of the human body has certain risks, such as benzene, phenol, aldehyde, anthracene and its derivatives, with a strong pungent odor, can lead to various physiological and psychological human diseases. (1) the choice of materials for wall decor. Home decor wall as possible not to use large areas of decorative wooden plates, after the brush can smooth the original wall layers, PVC can also opt for a new generation of pollution-free environment to use wallpaper, and even the use of natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, silk, wallpaper, etc. as a natural substrate. (2) the choice of surface material. The floor of a wider range of materials such as tiles, natural stone, wooden floors, carpets. Tiles generally do not have the pollution, such as a large area with natural stone should be used after passing inspection, free of radioactive elements in the dish. Choosing laminate flooring or carpet fiber, you should review carefully the appropriate product description. Different types now many of the wooden floors in their own terms, solid wood floor is free of harmful substances, and poor soil quality laminate can contain harmful substances. Hazardous substances, including two aspects: First, is an adhesive on the floor content of free formaldehyde emission is too high, if the free formaldehyde 40 mg / 100 grams is harmful, not allowed to market and the best selection of formaldehyde content of 10 mg / 100 g of ground green. Second, the process used in the painting of all kinds of organic solvents such as toluene, nitro Dengjun emits noxious gases. Therefore, we recommend buying as much as possible in the purchase of ground floor paint. (3) The best of materials. If the top floor room, can not do the roof, ceiling after the original paint brush water or wallpaper paste can be environmentally friendly. If part or all of the roof, preferably with light steel keel gypsum board, calcium silicate board, Aitken materials such as wood board instead of wood keel. (4) the choice of soft decoration materials. Curtains, bedspreads, pillowcases, decorative sofa and other soft materials, the ingredients of the best option with a high cotton cloth, and pay attention to the middle of no odor, stability, strong and not fade easily. (5) the choice of coating material wood products. Wood as coating material is the most common type of painting, the room is well known sources of contamination. The choice of paint, plus color and gloss, the most important is the selection of green paint. In general, a joint venture, the import brands in quality and environmental protection are safer, however, some companies have developed a national environment-friendly paint, solvents used the smell of gasoline, less spicy, more Fast volatile by the user of welcome. When buying paint, it's best to go to a specific brand stores, the real trademark agents are a series of documents. (6) pay attention to the use of building materials. In special plastic and painting, even if you select the green paint in the basement can not be neglected when driving, with well-known brands of primer not only ensure that the overall effect from the environmental point of view, it is imperative . In addition, the use of plastic has to pay attention, 107 plastic containing dangerous substances, relevant state regulations have banned the use of home decoration 107 Plastic. For those easily overlooked materials, special attention should be paid. III. Environmental materials currently in vogue to the decoration
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